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How To Build The ‘Progression’ Mindset

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When hoping to move forward in life, that inertia must be generated by you. Even if you were handled everything on a silver platter, such as inheriting a castle in a fantasy land, that would fall to ruin without your personal temperance and willingness to work on its management. So, as you can see, even the most outlandish, unlikely, and fantastical examples are wont to follow this rule.

How can you build the ‘progression’ mindset that will help you chase up and secure opportunities, and make the most of them when they come? Well, first you need to trust yourself to see something through.Click To Tweet

But how can you build the ‘progression’ mindset that will help you chase up and secure opportunities, and make the most of them when they come? Well, first you need to trust yourself to see something through. That’s not easy, and not everyone builds that in themselves. It’s easy to break a promise to yourself, but it also has some of the most damaging consequences, perhaps even more far-reaching than just missing out on that job opportunities.

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So, how can you build the progression mindset, yet not turn into a self-improvement fanatic, to the point where you become brittle and unable to continue? It’s worth asking those questions. Let’s ask them, below:

Find A Nourishing Challenge

Finding a nourishing challenge can help you build the ‘progression’ mindset in the best possible sense. When you feel as though you’re making progress but are having to put forth effort and creative energies to achieve that, you learn, and this can sometimes even feel like play. Of course, sometimes, it can be a prideful moment to get over that hill, especially if it really taxes you. A navy seal workout can help anyone, no matter their level of fitness, feel like they’ve just crossed a mountain. Something funny happens when you do that, though. You automatically wish to cross the next one.


Small Steps, Small Victories

Not every victory means completely conquering your enemies and seeing them scatter, nor does it mean lifting the victory cup at the tournament, nor does it mean being promoted to head of the company. Sometimes, just giving a great presentation at work, or applying a worthwhile, well-kept sleeping schedule, or joining the gym, or reading 25 pages a day, or getting back into the dating scene can be the small victories you accrue. Better hundreds of tiny victories than one massive victory – the effects will stack. When you’re not so worried about conquering the world, you can begin to take stock of what actually matters.

Develop Your Understanding

It’s important to develop your understanding when hoping to progress. There’s nothing noble about working too hard and burning out, or going valiantly in the wrong direction. So, develop your understanding. It’s important to light your path. If this means reading the inspirational memoirs of people you admire, or historical accounts of great bravery, or even listening to a master of your field, understanding can help you stay inspired, dedicated, and also informed. If that doesn’t build a progression mindset, it’s unlikely that anything will.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily understand progression, and more importantly, adopt it into your regular motivational habits.

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