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5 Links for Job Search Networking with Friends, Family and Colleagues

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networking is not only about who you know (friends, family and colleagues), it’s also about who knows who you know (if that makes any sense). It sometimes comes down to “six degrees of separation” (aka “it’s a small world”) which means you need to leverage your network in a different way. In “the old days”, there was no easy way to tell who knew who, but today there are a number of websites that can tell you who is linked to who. Of course there is more to networking, and you should also take a quick look at some of my other networking posts:

When it comes to social networks that will help you with your job search, there some sources that are not as well known. Following are some additional links and advice on leveraging your “small world” to real leads.

  • Is “Six Degrees of Separation” the Key to the Hidden Job Market? – This article, from, reviews the “networking” as well as leveraging the well know social networks. The article also implies that today’s networks are larger than they were in the past as social networks allow easy expansion. The fact is, not as many people as you would think leverage the hidden job market (which, by most statistics I’ve seen published is north of 50%).

  • LinkedIn – Can’t write about Social Networks (and networking in general) without mentioning linkedin. The “mother of all social business networks”, linkedin provides exactly the tools you need for leveraging your network. As you start to build your network, you can see how many “degrees of separation” there are between you and people you know (and people who know people you know). This helps you spot potential network leads that you can use when you have a specific company you would like to work for (or, for which you already have an interview setup). You can add your resume, recommendations from people you know, linkedin for your networking and job search.

  • Other Tips for networking in Your Job search:

    • Existing Network: Good news, you already have a network (unless you’ve been living as a recluse on some remote island). “What?” you may ask. Every friend, relative, former coworker, current coworker, college or high school acquaintance is a part of your existing network. And did I mention neighbors, your mailman and the checkout person at the supermarket. All of these individuals are part of your existing network, now you just need to “formalize” your list.

    • Extended Network: Once you’ve created your list network list, it’s time to build your extended network. This consists of:  People who work or worked at companies where you worked and people who work or worked at companies where you would like to work

  • 20 Social Networking Sites for Business Professionals – Way too many to list in this post, this article was provided by and lists 20 Social Networks for business professionals (who knew there were so many). The article provides screen shots and links to each of the 20 (including two of the sites covered above).

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