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Trucking1Careers in the transportation industry can be as exciting or diverse as those in the other industries. From commercial driving for trucks that carry automobiles to working as an expedited freight transporter, job prospects are often plentiful and varied. Depending on what your level of skill might be, there numerous opportunities to start on this career path.

Working as an Expedited Freight Transporter: The life of an expedited freight transporter can be hectic at times. Loads have specific deadlines and must always be on time. Companies order expedited freight because they need the loads faster than tractor/trailer transport services can haul them. Most expedited freight runs are short, with some lasting a few days. It is important to take the time to learn how being an expedited freight transporter can be rewarding and financially lucrative.

Pick your own Loads:

  • One of the benefits of working for yourself through a major company is that you can pick your own loads. This is beneficial when it is close to your downtime period as you can pick a shorter run to still be home with your family on time.
  • The available runs are posted on an online board. Some ask for bids and others are already quoted by the home company and are up for grabs. It is ideal to take the loads that you are most comfortable with.
  • Picking the freight that you are most comfortable with is ideal because it ensures that the products will arrive in perfect condition as you are aware of how to secure the load in place correctly.


Selecting the Right Company to Work with:

  • As an expedited freight hauler, it is vital that you select the right home company to work with. A company that offers incentives, discounts on maintenance and appreciation rewards is one with other transporters that care about their job and enjoy it.
  • Another factor is the support available to help you run your own business. Support is important for helping transporters keep their financial records straight.
    Work with a company that values family time and puts its contractors first. You also want to select a home company, such as Landstar as an example that has ample runs available and provides the opportunity for independence.
  • Some companies have forced dispatch based upon your location. This is not ideal for all transporters as it can keep them out on the road longer than they desire to be at one time.

The life of an expedited freight transporter can be quite rewarding. Essentially, you set an income goal with a “go home” time frame goal. By carefully picking your runs, you can make a great income and be home when you need and want to be. Transporters should possess a willingness to work hard and meet every deadline set to have the most lucrative career possible.

Additional Resources:

  • – This is a job search site and, according to their tag line “Find careers in Logistics, Supply Chain, Transportation, Freight Forwarding, 3PL, Distribution, Purchasing & Manufacturing“, covers the full range of transportation related jobs. The site has a box at top center for Job Seekers which allows search by category or city. You can also register on the site. Below this is the job search button which lists a number of job categories (or search all jobs). The center of the page has a very long list of companies (no links), which you can use a resource for looking directly at company career sites.
  • Kimmel & Associates – This firm is a Recruiter and specializes in Supply Chain, Freight Forwarding and Logistics (among other fields). Their main page has tabs at the top and clicking Other Industries leads to their page with links to logistics and freight forwarding. Click on this for a full page on the topic which provides an overview as well as a list of the types of positions they’ve filled. The left hand side of the page has links for job seekers (including creating an account, search jobs and career resources). Either create an account or click on Contact Us from the links at top for their address, email address and phone number.
  • Logistics Publications List – This site provides a long list of trade publications associated with this industry. There are several benefits to reviewing trade publications:
    • They keep you up to date on what is happening in the industry
    • They provide resources (names of companies, individuals, etc.) which you can leverage for your search
    • Many have career / job opportunity sections which can provide direct links to jobs
  • – Another job search Board, this one focusing on the logistics industry. The site has several links at the top, including Post resume, Jobs, View Contract Jobs and View Featured Jobs. Below this you can click on Find Jobs Now or Post resume followed by a list of links to jobs by category. There is also a list of featured companies further down on the page.
  • Supply Chain Comment: Tips for Finding a Job if the Layoff Wave Hits You – A very good article posted on Supply Chain Digest (another good industry source) provides some good advice for finding a job. While some of the tips will be standard across fields, this article provides some additional insight into this industry. Certainly worth a read if you’ve just gotten started on your search.


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