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4 Emerging Trends That Will Dominate the Transportation Industry in 2021 & Beyond

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It has been estimated that the global business of transportation will be on the constant rise till 2021, which is why it might be a good idea to learn about how to start a trucking company. Although the transportation industry has not been as much as strong as it once used to be, due to the global pandemic, it has been predicted that the transportation industry will be growing while reaching the value of nearly $8 trillion within the next five years.

When it comes to transportation, different categories will be trending in 2021 and beyond, including passenger vehicles, rail, and logistics. If you haven’t heard about micro-mobility by now, you can expect to hear from it, since it will soon affect the way we are considering transportation in the upcoming years. Read on to learn more about four emerging trends that will dominate the transportation industry in 2021 and beyond.

Although the transportation industry has not been as much as strong as it once used to be, due to the global pandemic, it's been predicted that the transportation industry will grow, reaching the value of nearly $8 trillion within the next 5 years.Click To Tweet


MaaS refers to the ultimate integration of different types of vehicles and modes of transportation into a single transport service, which will be accessible to the customers according to their requirements. It is estimated that MaaS revenue will reach up to $1 trillion within the next decade.

While integrating a unified platform of the MaaS app, customers will be provided with payment options, information, and multimodal transportation. At the same time, the major focus will remain on the customers’ destination rather than on the mode of transportation. MaaS will allow people to have more access to real-time transportation data. They will be able to make informed decisions about their respective transportation mode and their payable amount of money.

Delivery Transportation

Compared to the last decade, the year 2020 saw a massive increase in e-commerce. Subsequently, the world witnessed a major interest in online shopping, and since then, last-mile deliveries have been trending on number one of transportation trends for 2021 and beyond.

If we look at the statistics of Amazon Prime, we see that it has increased by more than 35% in the last year. It has been speculated that e-commerce and last-mile delivery transportation services will witness an increase with an expanded CAGR (20%) by 2030.

Since the pandemic has set in, an online search for online delivery services, such as “the last mile,” has risen by more than 260%. In 2020, the greater portion of transportation was made of shipping services (from manufacturers to warehouses and from warehouses to consumer’s houses), thus, generating an improved shopping experience for clients.

For transportation and logistics companies, they can make effective use of the latest technologies, such as AI (artificial intelligence), crowdsource tech, and autonomous transportation methods. Uber Eats is a popular example of top companies that provide “last-mile” deliveries.

Active Transportation

Since the pandemic has hit the globe, people have become more aware of healthy living and active lifestyles, which is why active transportation is more likely to trend in 2021 and beyond. The typical vehicles for active transportation include cycling, scootering, etc.

Micro-mobility is encouraged at different levels, including cities and tourism spots. The addition of more bike lanes is a typical example of active transportation. Although active transportation is gaining much momentum, so much more needs to be done regarding the inclusion of an effective infrastructure for active transportation.

Understandably, the world is still coming to terms with remote working, social distancing, and hybrid work environments. Subsequently, active transportation is more likely to soar in demand and popularity in 2021 and beyond.

Trucking Business

The trucking business has been soaring since the first quarter of 2020, when people shifted from conventional shopping and business to online shopping and e-commerce. Moreover, it has been speculated that the trend of online grocery and online shopping, in general, is more likely to stay for the upcoming years.

That said, the trucking business will remain in demand for a long time. It has been speculated that the trucking industry will experience an expansion in CAGR (25%) till 2027. Besides the conventional trucking system that incorporates real-life truckers, there will be an increase in all-electric trucking fleets, along with electric ships and electric airplanes.  The best part about starting one’s trucking business is that one doesn’t need a college degree, and hence one can start debt-free while stepping into the trucking career.

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