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7 Ideas for Starting Your Transportation Business

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Want to start your own business with minimal start-up costs? Transporting people and things is something that is always needed and will continue to be, so buying a new vehicle could be the best move you ever make, and while the world is changing and developing, this is one thing that is increasing, people wanting more deliveries or more help when it comes to moving.

Whether it’s pizzas or parcels, families or groups of school kids: there’s always something or someone that needs to be somewhere else, and someone somewhere willing to pay for this to get the job done. Here are some ideas for transportation businesses you can start right now, even if you start with just you and a van.

Whether it’s pizzas or parcels, families or groups of schoolkids: there’s always something or someone that needs to be somewhere else, and someone somewhere willing to pay for this to get the job done.

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People are always moving in and out of houses and apartments, and that doesn’t look set to change at any point. You don’t always need to have a full-size removal van to accommodate most of these; you can get a small van and probably just a mate to help you load the big furniture in. For whichever sized vehicle you go for, make sure you get truck insurance.

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You could be providing a minibus for one-off trips or start to build a portfolio of regular commitments, either way starting a minibus service requires you to have the right transport. Both rural and urban areas though, always have groups of people who need to get to shopping centres, out-of-school activities, and popular one-off events.



Similar to above, but you could specialize in airport transfers. This is an especially good idea if you’re in the right location and you can build your customer base around hotels and guesthouses.


While the online ordering of goods has led to the explosion of courier services; it’s not just that anymore whether in the city or countryside, companies and customers have growing expectations that things will happen fast, and more and more people want their deliveries as fast as possible.

“Careers in the transportation industry can be as exciting or diverse as those in the other industries. From commercial driving for trucks that carry automobiles to working as an expedited freight transporter, job prospects are often plentiful and varied. Depending on what your level of skill might be, there numerous opportunities to start on this career path.” – Hot Careers in Transportation


In many rural areas, there will be people who want occasional transport for a horse without the outlay of having their horsebox; this could be very profitable if you know the right people and are in the right area.


Landscape gardeners have a lot of equipment they need to transport, from rose bushes and other shrubs to garden pots and pergolas, as well as their landscaping tools of all types. This could be a nice option to work outdoors, help out a landscape gardener and maybe pick up some new skills in the process.


Many businesses get their suppliers delivered directly from the provider. However, corner shops and mini markets typically want a fast trip to the cash and carry especially when they are swamped, so supplying this service for them could be a real win for everyone.

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