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In the business world, as large part of how you’re received is how you communicate ideas. This doesn’t just include the content of the ideas, much to the protest of those who might lack communication skills but are inventive of useful concepts. A large percentage of communication is nonverbal. Your posture, eye contact, use of body language and how you ‘spread’ over the space you inhabit all has an influence on the authority of the words you speak. In fact, it’s likely that an audience watching two separate presentations, one given by an insecure person with a revolutionary idea, and one confident, charming person with a relatively good idea is likely to favor the second person.

When hiring a new executive to your firm through a reputable executive search service, there are many things you should look for. Business acumen, experience and general attitude to the role they are to potentially inhabit all play a part. However, as the leader or face of your business, how they come across is also a vital component.

These are just a few of the benefits of public speaking skills that an executive should and must bring to the role you are advertising. If you are a budding executive yourself, take this advice to heart.

Direct, One On One Communication

Public speaking or doing well in a conference meeting needn’t be as difficult as you’d imagine. During the interview, watch what happens and how they address you. Are they shuttering their focus from one member of the audience to the other, speaking at all but never directly addressing anyone? Or are they choosing select individuals and focussing on them for a period, before moving onto someone else? If you see them doing this, it’s likely that they have trained or have deep experience in speaking. If they act in this way, it will give off an aura of authority, and that’s just what you want in a budding executive to your firm.


How clear is the communication of the interviewee? Do they talk around the subject or provide superfluous verbal additions that are unnecessary? In an attempt to impress you does it feel like they’re throwing all of their knowledge at you in one fell swoop? Or do they cut to the heart of the matter? Brevity is a virtue in itself, and it will be no better exemplified than the person working in an executive position.


Public speaking is all about reading an audience. This employee will become the de facto identification your potential clients have for your firm, and so it’s so important to consider them as a ‘brand celebrity.’ Of course, that’s outside the scope of their job role, and they will be much more important than just filling a mascot’s role. However, they should know who your targeted demographic is, and when it comes to presenting to them or shareholders, they should be aware of their audience. Ask them to provide you a picture of who they believe your product is for, and ask them directly what the best methods of communication are here. They can always be trained in the finer points, but they’ll be a stronger candidate if they have a good idea.

The confidence that comes across in the interview will help you identify their skills in public speaking. If they have training from public speaking initiatives like Toastmasters International, they’re likely to be perfect for your role.

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