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The 3 Hardest Stages Of The Job Hunt

If you are currently on the market for a new job, you would be excused for occasionally getting a little stressed. The fact is, looking for and applying for work is one of the most worrisome and stressful situations in modern life. Nobody particularly enjoys it, and it can be surprising how fast it can take it out of you. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that it has to be more difficult than necessary. If you want to make the whole process a little easier, focussing on which areas are often the most difficult is a good start. You can then work towards improving those aspects, or at the very least you can prepare yourself for them.


If you ask job hunters which the most nerve-wracking part of the process is, most would quickly answer that it was the interview stage. Very few people actively enjoy being interviewed, and if you have an interview coming up then you might well be feeling a little nervous. But how can you improve the interview part of the process? The best bet is simply to practice it. This solution is simple and effective, and yet very few people actually do it. Practicing the interview is relatively straightforward – you just need a trusted friend, and a quiet room. Try to think of what questions they are likely to ask you, so you can be prepared for that specific interview. But it is also a case of practicing your confidence in expressing yourself and giving honest but impressive answers. This should make the interview stage much less worrying.

CV & Personal Statement

A lot of people really struggle with their nerve-wracking part of the process. For many, it is awkward writing positive things about oneself. For others still, the problem might be more to do with a lack of skill in the writing department. Whatever it is, this is one area that you need to excel in if you are even to get into the interview stage or further beyond. Writing a personal statement in particular can be quite daunting, but fortunately there is help to be had out there. Using a write my essay service, you can ensure that your personal statement – and even any cover letters you might need to concoct – are as flawless and as polished as possible. This is bound to impress your potential employers and should give you something of a head start.

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The Wait

Let’s be honest – as hard as all that is, it is still no harder than the period where you have to do nothing but wait. This can be incredibly painful, particularly if you are used to being quite busy. If you feel that you need something to crack the boredom, then you might want to consider continually applying for more and more work. Even if you are confident that you are going to get one you applied for, keep applying anyway – it will keep you busy, and ensure that you have other options to fall back on should that prove necessary.

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