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Job boards, recruiters, company websites, friends, family . . . who’s hiring? Well, if you do your homework and are persistent, there are plenty of companies hiring. You should be using all of your resources (basically, everything listed in The Four Legs of Job Search) and balancing your search every day. This post is about leveraging your resources across as many types of resources as possible.

  • – This job search board is focused on jobs in technology, not just any technology, tiny technology. So what is tiny technology? “Jobs using tiny technology, including careers in MEMS, nanotechnology, microtechnology, biotechnology, and information technology”. The top center of the main page lists current job openings. The left hand side of the page allows registration, search jobs, view all jobs plus more. There are tabs at the top of the page which provide additional links (like internships, blogs and resources). Clicking on “View all jobs” returned 63 job opportunities.
  • – The beginning sentence for this job search board is “Our mission is to provide our corporate clients with access to alumni of the most prestigious colleges and universities”.  So that would leave me out, but maybe not you. In any event, it won’t stop you from searching their jobs. The main page is very simple, your only choice is to click on “current job listings”. This link takes you their “real” main page where it lists some of their job openings and has traditional tabs at the top (Browse jobs, post resume, etc.).
  • DHR International – DHR is global executive recruiter. Top of the page has links to practices, consultants, solutions and more. This firm covers a broad range of job functions and industries, from technology to venture capital. Clicking on any of the job functions takes you to a page which summarizes that practice and a list of consultants whom you can contact. You can also click on the “Contact us” and select “Prospective Candidates”.  You then have several choices/options for submitting your resume.
  • Company Career Sites – A great listing of company career sites. Check to see if any of the companies you are interested in are on the list (I’m sure they are).
  • WSJ – Who’s Hiring – Let’s not forget the Wall Street Journal’s Who’s Hiring site. There are 12 companies highlighted who are currently hiring (not sure how often they update their site). Clicking on any company logo will return a brief summary of the company. Clicking on “search for jobs with this employer” takes you to the WSJ’s career search site and returns jobs for the company selected.

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