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Growing Your Career and Clinic as a Dentist: Best Steps

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Going to dental school and becoming a certified dentist is neither easy nor cheap. Since you have already gone through all that and emerged as a certified dentist, the hardest part of building and growing your career as a dentist is already behind you. However, a dentist’s education does not simply end there, that is if they are willing to pursue better professional proficiency, status, and income. In fact, higher education is a crucial part of growing any dental practice, and with that in mind, let us now take a quick look through the best steps that dentists can take to improve their professional prowess and financial status.

Even if you are the best dentist in the world, not too many people will know about it unless you make them take notice with intelligent marketing.Click To Tweet

Become an Orthodontist

In the UK, orthodontists earn roughly £74,500/year on average, according to PayScale. On the other hand, the average dentist in the UK earns around £51,300/year. Therefore, by completing orthodontic courses, dentists stand to earn 45% more on average. That is an outstanding improvement in terms of income boost alone, and we have not even considered the many positions and career doors that open up to a dentist after becoming an orthodontist.

“While dental professionals specialize in providing all manner of oral care, the ability to mend cosmetic issues and help people feel confident in their smiles again should not be overlooked. When you work in dental care, you can help people rebuild their confidence and rediscover their self-esteem while helping them to develop better dental care habits.”

Given the pay boost, as well as the additional skills you will gain as an orthodontist, becoming an orthodontist is the best step that any dentist can take for professional growth. Look for postgraduate orthodontist courses at the London Dental Institute, as their online structure allows dentists to simultaneously practice and attain the necessary qualifications. They also have options for their online students to visit the institute for face-to-face, real-life training.

Plan an Expansion Like a Business Owner

In order to sustainably grow your clinic, you must handle the expansion project as a business owner and not a medical professional. Depending on whether you wish to acquire more workspace, add more staff and equipment, or both, it might be better to hire a business consultant or a financial advisor first. They have access to a large pool of experience and resources for their clients, so that would naturally speed up the whole process, alongside mitigating possible risks down to a minimum.

Market the Practice and Yourself

Even if you are the best dentist in the world, not too many people will know about it unless you make them take notice with intelligent marketing. The competition is too stiff to ignore marketing, although it does not have to be too expensive, thanks to online marketing channels such as social media and SEO. The best part about marketing a dentist’s practice/clinic is that everyone within the target zone is your potential client! Oral health issues can bother anyone at any age, so, all you need to do is identify the target zone or area with precision.

There is certainly the scope to go for more niche marketing tactics in dentistry as well, but a general awareness/branding campaign would be the best step to take when you are still new in the area. Later on, campaigns could become more specific towards choosing the target audience.

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