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Five Tips for Social Media Job Seekers

Just because social media is a young industry with an approach that tends to be more direct and friendly, it doesn’t mean you can toss out the formalities when it comes to seeking a position at a reputable social media agency. Those involved in the field know that it is a serious business like any other, but some people looking to move into social media from other areas sometimes think it simply involves ‘playing around’ on Facebook or Twitter all day. In fact, this is the inherent challenge of the job itself – social media professionals must learn how to successfully walk the fine line between business and pleasure. You must carefully balance social and commercial interests while managing the inevitable overlap of your professional and personal life. And this starts from the moment you submit your CV for a position

When applying for any job you should be careful to present yourself in your best light, and social media jobs are not an exception to this rule. The following is a list of general considerations, along with a few specifically related to industry standards.

  • Polish your profiles: Before you even start applying, you should conduct an audit of all your social media activities. Do you have an account with every major platform? Are these profiles influential, active, and presentable? Is there anything on any of your pages that would raise red flags or portray you in a negative manner?
  • [easyazon_link asin=”1905940114″ locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”caree07-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Refine your CV[/easyazon_link]: Include details, concrete information, and specific numbers in your CV to illustrate your experience in an immediate and clear manner. Have a few people proofread the document for typos and errors before sending it out.
  • Work samples and examples: Carefully consider the supporting information you offer alongside your application. Make sure it is strong, recent, and relevant.
  • Impress in your interview: Research the agency, its clients, and its competitors thoroughly before you go in. This can help you identify the company’s strengths and challenges so that you can position your skills and talents accordingly.
  • Gather information before responding to a brief: If you are given a specific assignment designed to provide a sample of your work, ask yourself a few questions before you get started. What qualities does the agency want to see in your sample? How do their team members usually approach similar assignments? What specific information about the company or its clients can be incorporated? Make sure whatever you send it in is line with their style and messaging.

Overall, it is all about tailoring your approach without losing the unique attributes that differentiate you from others. As a creative type in a business environment, you must learn to harness your imagination and cultivate your outlook to fuel professional success.

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Cassie O’Shea is the editorial manager at Punch Communications, an integrated PR, social media, and SEO agency in the East Midlands. For more information about job openings and working at Punch, please call 01858 411 600 or visit

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