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Preparing for job search is a lot like doing homework, so the preparation process for recent Grads and college students should be fairly straight forward if you follow the basics and complete your job search homework on time. Of course research and studying are key to completing your assignment, so today’s post will be a mix of job search sites and research resources.

  • TeenJobScene – This site specializes in job listings and resources for teens. The main page has a Job Seeker box in the middle of the page where you can register (post your resume so that it is available for employers) or head right to job search. The left-hand side of the page has Jobs by Category, including Internships and Summer Jobs. Remember, where (if) you work during college will count when looking for a job after graduation and will also help with internships. Further down on the page are jobs, listed by posting date.
  • GoliathJobs – “The Source for Hiring Students & Alumni” is the tag line for this site. You can register, sign-in or go right to job search. Registering will give you access to a message center in addition to the typical resume posting and job search. There is a blog link at the bottom of the page which provides interesting articles. The search engine is fairly basic, and conducting a simple search (Finance in NY) returns some jobs that are old and too senior for recent grads, although there are jobs that are recent and entry level as well. It’s not clear if registration gives access to advanced search.
  • SeekingSuccess – SeekingSuccess is a resource website for recent Grads. There are tabs at the top for a Blog, Choosing your Career, Getting the Job, Succeeding at Work and Resume Writing.  The Blog provides career advice while each of the other tabs provides articles related to the context of the tab. The left-hand side of the page has links to additional resources, including a Books for Career Success and Career Links.
  • Using Job Seeking Resources – This resource center, part of Graduate Careers Australia, provides some very useful information regarding career planning, research, career fairs, employment agencies, etc. The left-hand side of the page provides additional links to additional resources.

On the lighter side . . .

Good luck in your search.

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