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Being A Creative: Fantastic Ways To Flex Those Creative Muscles

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Some people really embrace their creative flair. They seek out things that inspire them on a daily basis and utilize their skills in their career choices. Others harness these skills but don’t have such opportunites to really put them to good use. Perhaps not even aware of a career option that could suit your passions and skills.

We can all feel tied to our jobs. After all, they bring in a monthly income that many of us rely on to pay those pesky bills. But some people are fortunate enough to take a risk and change their careers for good. Choosing something that they enjoy doing or even building up their own business from nothing. Some people may find themselves at the decision of what to do with their lives now they have left school or graduated. The summer always presents new inspiration for change, which is why I thought it was a good a time as any to share with you some of the fantastic ways you can flex your creative muscles. Whether these options turn into careers or just something you enjoy doing in your spare time, I hope you find the inspiration you are looking for.

Working for yourself by starting a blog

blogging world is that there is enough room for everyone, as the unique selling point is you. Everyone is different after all, we all have different opinions, a difference in writing style and even skills in website development and social media.

So all you need to do is start and there are some amazing guides online to help you do it. Of course, you can’t instantly monetize your blog it does require a lot of time and dedication at first. This is why so many successful bloggers started blogging in their own time before being able to make a career out of it, and you may find you will need to do that. However, the options are endless and you could find that you work on some fabulous advertising campaigns, or even use affiliate marketing to earn some extra income. The creative side can be found in all kinds of capacities such as web development, photography or the copy in which you publish.

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Using your creative skills for article and blog content

If you find yourself enjoying creating the content creation side of blogging, then you may be pleased to know that some writers make a career from producing this sort of content for other people. Companies and businesses are always looking to improve their search engine optimization, and one great way of doing that is to create decent backlinks to their website. Creating a blog article including a link back and hosting it on someone else’s blog is a quick way to achieve it. Sometimes these are also known as sponsored posts, and these can be created by the blogger themselves or someone can supply one to you pre-written.

Creating a YouTube channel to harness visual appeal

Creative aren’t always decent writers, they may appeal to others in a more visual way, and what better way to harness that skill than by creating your own YouTube channel sharing your passions and experiences. This is a video blog or more commonly known as a vlog, where you create videos for your channel. There are some huge success stories of people who have gone on to make a fortune from this and made Youtube their career.

You don’t have to be skilled in video editing, and most of it can be learned along the way. But what you do need is creative vision and passion, as YouTube has now become an industry that is saturated with people just like you wanting to create amazing videos and build up a following. Thankfully, researching online will help you harness your skills more effectively.

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learning necessary skills to create fantastic copy

Copywriting isn’t just seen as creating articles or blog content, think about the words we see on websites all the time. The press releases that get printed or published, and even articles that appear in national press or magazines. Creating copy is a vast industry that you can hope to get your teeth sunk into. However, you may not think so, but there are necessary skills to learn to help you create engaging and readable copy. This is why you might want to complete a copywriting academy review to harness those skills more effectively. You may also appreciate that practice makes perfect, so it might be worth creating your own blog as mentioned earlier. This will also enable you to build up a portfolio that when pitching to clients for work, will be able to share your experience as well as your varied writing style.

Considering a career as a website developer

Sometimes visual creativity isn’t in the form of a video you watch or photograph you admire. It’s more to do with the technology creativity you can have when developing and publishing a complete website. This is when website development can take on a whole new level. This is fast becoming a career option for people talented in technology while still showcasing that passion for creativity. Enabling people to combine two loves into one career choice. Like most of these options, website development is flexible when it comes to work location and also on what you are able to earn.

There are plenty of courses you can take to help you make this career choice a reality. Some offer qualification course in colleges or in the evening. Some will even let you work from home and study for your qualifications that way by submitting assignments online. It definitely could be a flexible and lucrative choice for you.

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Quick wit? Put it to good use in social media management

Maybe you have a sharp tongue or a quick wit. Perhaps you are good at summarizing thoughts and feelings into 140 characters. Or maybe you are just amazing at optimising social media and knowing exactly when to post and even what to post to ensure you get the most engagement out of your profiles. The a social media management career is for you. This is actually a very real position nowadays as so many businesses small and large are taking advantage of the advertising phenomena that is social media. This enables customers to reach so many prospective clients and customers, and going about it in the right way is essential.

A social media manager will ensure that all profiles are created professionally. They will put together a decent social media strategy to ensure that the business in questions gets the best coverage from all angles. Social media has so many more opportunities for small and large businesses that it requires someone to be focused on it daily to ensure that it works hard for them. If you enjoy social media and love updating your own profiles then this could definitely be a great career choice for you.

Flex your artistic flare and just create

Being creative can be flexed in many different ways. We have covered verbal creativity and creating something through the written word. But sometimes people are just more visual than anything else and this is when you should just be putting your artistic skills to good use. Use your spare time wisely to create masterpieces. Paint what inspires you, photograph what you think is visually beautiful. The options are endless but you need to just start somewhere, and often just creating and sharing through your own social media could open up many doors of opportunities. There are small galleries happy to showcase work or all aspects these days, and it could lead onto a career where you sell your artwork or photographs. Even websites online will enable you to share your photography and give permission for people to use it, or even buy the royalties.

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Put artistic skills to use in logo and branding design

Finally, one last area you could showcase your artistic skills in creating logo and branding for businesses. There are many digital agencies out there who are looking for people who are creative in the form of art and also through the skills of technology. More businesses are placing focus on their logo and branding than ever before due to the sheer rise in the internet and social media outlets. So there is a real opportunity for someone to make a career out of their artistic flair.

I hope you have found some inspiration into some of the ways you can flex those creative muscles. Some of which can turn into amazing career opportunities.

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