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A Career In Sports For Non Athletes

Career In Sports

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If you love sports but you’ve never fancied yourself the next David Beckham or Usain Bolt, that doesn’t mean you can’t live your life working with what you are passionate about. Just because you’re not handy with a ball or your legs doesn’t mean you have to sit on the sidelines and stay a spectator for life: there are ways to be involved in the sporting world without burning the calories.

Sports Photographer

If you are more of a creative type and you know your way around a camera, you could bag yourself a job working as a team’s official photographer. You’ll spend match days and training sessions getting close up shots of strikes, tackles and the atmosphere in the crowd. You’ll be able to be an integral part of a sporting team without taking off your shoes.

Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers perform a vital role in the development and maintenance of athletes and their health. As a trainer, you will be responsible for assessing any injuries an athlete may have and giving them advice on how to treat it.


Coaches are an integral part of any sporting team, they are the people who guide the team members and manage the team to make it as successful as possible. You will be the brains behind the operation and work to develop the best playing strategies and perfect the way your team performs together as a whole. To be a great coach you will need leadership skills, good knowledge for the ins and outs of the sport and the ability to scout talent.

Fitness Director

Fitness directors are the people you will see managing sporting facilities and venues, they will often own gyms and work to make sure that everything is maintained and that customers are satisfied with their experience. They will be the ones who research the best sports classes, find fun equipment and manage the personal trainers.

Physical Therapist

When a player or athlete is injured while doing sport, they will be referred to a physical therapist in order to aid their recovery and make it as successful as possible. You will take part in physical therapy education to train up on medical conditions and part of your job will involve diagnosing injuries and coming up with a plan on the exercises you’ll need to work on together during their recovery.

Recreation Worker

If you love guiding a group of people in a range of different activities- being a recreation worker may be the perfect job for you. You’ll be situated in camps and parks, and your job will be to plan activities such as hiking, cycling, raft building, and canoeing and offer these to groups of people who want to try something new. You’ll be responsible for the planning and implementation of these activities as well as the safety of your customers. These are jobs for people who love to adventure and try new things every day, you’ll be able to learn a lot of new activities and sports outdoor.

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