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The Weirdest Careers offered by Hospitals

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If you are thinking about moving into the healthcare industry, you have the obvious options of nursing or being a doctor. However, there are some unusual occupations that you can work in when you are employed by hospitals. Challenging or weird, they are all necessary for the functioning of the health care system. Below you will learn more about the strangest career options in hospitals.


“Radiochemistry laboratory at CAES” by Idaho National Laboratory is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This occupation is important to determine whether or not the samples from different patients contain cancerous or dangerous cells. This lab-based job involves a lot of desk duty and entering information on the system, as well as examining gruesome samples that have just been removed from the patients’ body. You will need professional training and ACLS certification to work in this field. If you have good chemistry skills and understand the importance of this role, you can apply at your local hospital.


“SCHA2015_124” by South Carolina Hospital Association is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This is the hospital version of a personal trainer. You will need to evaluate the fitness and strength level of patients and refer to the physiotherapist who can determine the treatment and intervention. You will be responsible to assess spine injuries, muscle spasms, and determine how the inflammation or deformation impacts the person’s mobility. As a reward, you can earn up to 60K per year.

Clinical Social Worker

If you would rather stay away from the treatment room, operating theater, and laboratory, you can become a clinical social worker. If you have exceptional communication and personal skills, you will be able to build a relationship with individuals who are hospitalized to find out more about their needs. You will need a BA in social work or related studies, and your daily job will consist of meeting patients and creating assessment reports.

Art therapist

You might not think that this is a job that has a place in a hospital, but thanks to the recent evidence-based approach of healthcare providers, many institutions now offer art therapy as a treatment option. Your class might consist of people who are recovering from an addiction, or individuals with temporary disability. If you are a creative person and would like to help patients get over trauma, you can become an art therapist.

Medical Illustrator

If you are good at drawing, you can support the clinical team by drawing the different organs and body parts for resident doctors, or for locating the injuries. You will need a master’s degree in medical illustration, and a computer-related qualification, as the job, will mainly involve creating the illustrations on the computer system.

Substance Abuse Counselor

If you have enough patience and compassion for people recovering from addiction, you can become a resident counselor in a hospital. You will need to do your assessment and work with the clinical team to create an intervention plan that involves therapy, medication, and social care.

If you are looking for the security of a medical field occupation, but you don’t want to become a nurse or doctor, you can find jobs that are interesting, challenging, and well-paid. Make sure you don’t commit to a regular job if you can get an extraordinary one.

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