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Can being an eSports athlete be a good career choice?

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There is a reason why trying to acquire a career as an eSports athlete can be incredibly competitive and one that can be rather difficult to obtain: it is highly rewarding for those who manage to do it.

Although it is still a relatively new business and potential career route, the appeal to be a professional within the sector is one that is incredibly strong, especially amongst the younger generation now as the opportunities have since presented themselves when people of a certain age may never have had the chance or even the thought of trying to do it as a job.

There are a plethora of different reasons why acquiring a career within this field can be a great move for individuals who are able to do so successfully, although it should be noted that being an athlete within this sector can also come with its limitations and drawbacks.

Financially rewarding

Indeed, the opportunities of being an eSports athlete have continued to grow with each passing year as the industry becomes even more popular amongst a host of different audiences. There is a lot more money involved in the sport than ever before, with online betting providers starting to enter the market and provide betting opportunities for punters, which in turn has also allowed these operators to be able to offer players competitive sponsorship deals that will help them to earn a salary.

There is a reason why trying to acquire a career as an eSports athlete can be incredibly competitive and one that can be rather difficult to obtain: it is highly rewarding for those who manage to do it.Click To Tweet

However, it should also be noted that whilst there can be a lot of money involved, this can often only be seen by the biggest and best players of the games that are being competed in. The companies who provide sponsorships or the teams involved will only ever want to pay the big sums of money possible on an eSports athlete that they know will help them to generate returns.

If an individual is only considered average, then the amount of money that can be earned may not be a great sum, which can therefore make being a professional within the industry rather challenging at times, despite it being potentially enjoyable.

So many different things to do

Although the main thing that an individual will think of when looking to define how a career as an eSports athlete looks is as a gamer who is continually competing against others, there are a whole host of different opportunities that await those who try to break into the industry.

Of course, playing and competing in games and competitions is always going to be the biggest and best thing that can be achieved, whilst it will also be the niche that will provide the biggest rewards, there are still plenty of other niches individuals can explore and be a part of when obtaining a career within the sector.

For instance, there are roles that could be available as a coach or as a referee, thus keeping in line with the playing aspect, whilst others could get involved as content creators, as a host, or even on the marketing side of things where they could be tasked with trying to promote a certain event, player or team in a variety of different ways.

stay healthy

Is being an eSports athlete good for a person’s health?

Unfortunately, whilst there will certainly be a lot to be excited about, there will also be a few drawbacks that need to be considered by those who are seeking to become an eSports athlete as their career option.

Whilst literally anyone can become involved within the industry and perhaps at any real age, provided they have the skill and the talent, there could be a number of different health risks that would need to be considered strongly.

For instance, a career in eSports is likely going to involve a lot of screen time which is not going to be healthy on an individual’s eyes, even if they were to were glasses. Furthermore, posture issues could arise as a player will sit in front of the monitor in a particular way for hours on end, which could then lead to problems. The physical issues are only a few that could arise, as mental health issues could also appear.

However, these can all be negated and the risk involved can be reduced drastically if the right processes are in place and players are mindful of them as taking breaks and getting fresh air can help to eliminate any issues.


Becoming an eSports athlete can be a dream that many have and one that can be akin to those that many from a previous generation may have had about wishing that they would make it as a professional sportsperson and with the number of opportunities that are available, anyone who is successful in achieving their dream will find that it could be a great career choice for them.

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