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Why Call Center Experience Is A Resume Asset

Resume Asset

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Call centers are frequently seen as disposable, entry-level positions. They’re seen as jobs that people have in college or when they’re first starting out, on par with waiting tables or working as a checkout clerk at a drugstore.

It’s true that working in call center services isn’t exactly something that one hungrily pursues as a final career path. However, a job in a call center can actually be a huge plus on your resume. Here are some reasons why call center experience can be beneficial to you on just about any career path.

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Shows Customer Service Skills

The truth is that there are very few careers where customer service skills aren’t an asset. Just about all jobs involve some interaction with the public or at least with coworkers. Nobody learns how to deal with the public more than call center employees. Not only do call center employees have experience dealing with the public, but they oftentimes have experience dealing with people who are difficult or even downright irate. This sort of customer service experience is invaluable and cannot be taught in a classroom.

“Customer service skills are those essential capabilities that make you well equipped to handle one-on-one interactions with clients. There are customer service roles in nearly every industry and many different types of customer service skills that you can highlight on your resume. Go into as much detail as possible to demonstrate the depth of your customer service competencies by emphasizing your relevant experience in the following areas.” –

Demonstrates An Ability To Problem Solve

Many call center employees are in charge of dealing with customers’ grievances and helping them to figure out a solution for their problems. This helps these employees to develop excellent problem-solving skills. Employers are looking for employees who are able to deal with a crisis and stay calm under pressure. People who have worked in call centers are adept at both of these skills.

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Suggests That One Can Prioritize Funds

When a customer calls a call center, they are often seeking some sort of refund or discount. A call center employee’s job is to decide when compensation is deserved and when it can be avoided with a different solution. The more a call center employee can steer a customer towards a solution that doesn’t involve a refund or coupon, the more money the company saves.

This is actually a phenomenal way for people to learn about prioritizing funds and saving money wherever possible. All employers are looking for employees that will help them to earn more money, not waste it or spend it frivolously. This fantastic skill is easily developed while working in call centers and will make you very attractive to future employers.

Demonstrates Dedication and Responsibility

Working in a call center can be incredibly stressful. This is why having it on your resume suggests that you’re dedicated, responsible and will remain a loyal employee even when job conditions aren’t exactly easy. Ultimately, any job where you show up regularly and work hard will be an asset on your resume and a call center is no different. If you can say that you showed up dutifully and worked hard, your call center experience will be a major asset on your resume.

Just because your future career plans don’t involve working in a call center doesn’t mean that a call center isn’t a great place to gain experience that will be impressive to future employers. When you’re crafting your resume, be sure to include all of these traits when discussing your call center experience. Your potential future employer is sure to be very impressed by the skills you developed through working in a call center.

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