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Boost Your Job Hunt with SEO Secrets

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful and important tool that blogs and e-businesses utilize to drive traffic to their websites for purposes of enhancing exposure and expanding monetization opportunities. To keep things fairly simple, search the marketing field. Google’s AdWords Keywords tool is an excellent starting point for search volumes.

The key to effective keyword selection is to select words and phrases that are in high demand but face low competition. These keywords should be incorporated very subtly into website content without disrupting natural flow to increase online visibility.

  • Use Keyword Research: Identify keywords that are commonly used in your industry and include them in your resume and online profiles to improve visibility.
  • Optimize LinkedIn Profile: Make your LinkedIn profile SEO-friendly by incorporating relevant keywords, especially in the headline and summary.
  • Customize Resume: Tailor your resume for each job application by including specific keywords found in the job description.
  • Create a Personal Website: Build a personal website with a blog where you can showcase your expertise and include SEO-optimized content.
  • Build Backlinks: Generate backlinks to your LinkedIn profile or personal website by guest posting on industry blogs or participating in online forums.
  • Local SEO: If you’re targeting jobs in a specific location, include geo-specific keywords in your online profiles and resume.
  • Utilize Social Media: Be active on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and use your industry-specific keywords in posts and profile descriptions.
  • Online Portfolio: Create an online portfolio and optimize its content with keywords relevant to your field.
  • Analyze and Tweak: Monitor how well your SEO efforts are working through analytics and make adjustments as needed.
  • Seek Expert Advice: Consider hiring an SEO consultant to help optimize your online presence for job hunting.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn, the professional social networking website, is an excellent tool for job-seekers to use to connect with other professionals and capture the attention of employers. Your profile essentially serves as a resume template that other professionals can view. You should make connections with past employers and co-workers to expand the visibility of your profile. You should also use SEO techniques to increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile.

When you create a LinkedIn profile, you will be given a generic URL with a string of numbers. It is in your best interest to create a “vanity” URL that can change this string of numbers to your own name. This is far more search engine friendly. You may have written and created a very strong profile that highlights your skills, talents, and accomplishments. You can go a step further by using Google AdWords to subtly incorporate highly targeted keywords that are relevant to your niche. This will help prospective employers actually land on your profile.

Leverage search Optimization Techniques on Twitter

Job recruiters and prospective employers use Google to search for job candidates and Google just happens to love Twitter. So, it is in your best interest to create a Twitter profile and begin following other professionals who belong to the same field as you. If you have a relevant blog pertaining to this niche, you should include the link on your Twitter profile. Twitter gives you the opportunity to create a 160-word bio and you should not waste this opportunity.

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Craft a bio that’s rich in relevant keywords like “Business Major,” “Intern,” “Entry-Level,” “Full-Time Employment,” and “Fortune 500 Company.” Use your daily tweets to showcase your expertise in your field and your research and writing skills. If you come across positive news about your target employer, share it in a tweet. Remember, your tweets should also incorporate the SEO keywords you’ve researched to increase visibility.

Create Your Own Optimized Blog That Attracts Professionals

Are you a talented graphic designer looking for full-time employment? Are you a seasoned journalist with a strong portfolio showcasing your abilities and body of work? You can really impress prospective employers by creating your own blog. In today’s world, it is incredibly easy for anyone to create a sleek, stylish, and professional blog through WordPress. It is very important for you to consistently update your blog with fresh and original content that is relevant to the field you are seeking full-time employment. Of course, you should use SEO techniques to increase your blog‘s visibility. You can really network with other professionals by creating a blog. You can also impress tech-savvy employers during interviews by displaying your blog.

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