Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in Government Jobs

Flexible working environment, fixed incentives and several perks; who doesn’t want a job with all these benefits? This is what a government job could offer you. If you are one of those who would like to have a relaxing work environment with a steady moving career, a job in the government sector may be the best option for you. Read further to know what the advantages and disadvantages of being a government employee.

Let’s start with the advantages of making a career in this sector. Though jobs in this sector are comparatively lesser in number as compared to private jobs, the competition for job seekers in the government sector is intense.

Job Stability-

Being a federal or a local government employee has generous benefits; job security being one of the most important among all. With the world witnessing frequent economic turmoil, the scenario in the private job market is threatening. Layoffs are very common in the private sector while this is very unlikely in the government sector, even if the economy slows.


Health care Benefits-

The Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) in the US offers employees a range of plans related to health care. Such plans and benefits include Life Insurance policies, medical plans and dental plans for every government employee.


Fair Remuneration-

Private Jobs certainly pay huge compared to the government jobs, but the approach they follow in fixing salaries or incentives for their employees is very fair and open as compared to the former. Government workers have a fixed pay scale at every level based on their education and past job experiences. This also avoids any kind of discrimination among the workers.  Moreover, the hike in salary is also steady and fixed in advance. Private companies often take steps like cost cutting and economic slowdown to even decrease the salaries of their employees –  this is highly unlikely in  government jobs.


Work Stress Level-

Jobs in the government have a relaxing work environment. The workload is minimal which allows employees a stress free working environment. The best part is that even if the work load is too much, the time-frame to complete the work is reasonable. Contrary to this, the private company employees can have a stressful work life in many industries. The main reason is the cut-throat competition among private companies where each firm wants to be ahead of another. As this can only be done by delivering more with less than their competitors, it directly impacts workers who are then stressed with tight deadlines and regular work pressure.

Truly said that every good thing comes with a price; it’s time we flip and see the other side of the coin. Let’s have a look at few of the disadvantages due to which youngsters prefer to opt for a private job in most of the cases.


Widespread Bureaucracy-

Across countries, jobs in the government sector are considered to be highly bureaucratic. Due to conventional methods of working and a lot of dependency on non-technological methods, employees tend to get into monotonous work schedules. The change is quite slow and out dated, and all this makes employees frustrated. Even a minor change can take quite long compared to that of a private sector.


Passive Working environment-

If an individual wants to work in a dynamic work environment and provide ideas for a better work environment, there are chances that it might not even get heard by top management. Even if it gets heard, the time taken to implement it will be extremely long. This creates frustration among employees in the government sector and ultimately they start losing interest in their jobs. This not only results in not initiating new ideas, but in worse cases, this starts reflecting in their attitude while interacting with their clients or consumers.

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Whatever the disadvantages, with all the benefits, a government job is always a safer option in today’s time.

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  • Kim

    Hi Joey. I just came across your article and respectfully disagree with this: “Jobs in the government have a relaxing work environment. The workload is minimal which allows employees a stress free working environment. The best part is that even if the work load is too much, the time-frame to complete the work is reasonable.”

    Perhaps there are some departments that are like that, but overall, from what I have experienced and from speaking to others, working for the government has its own stress. There are a lot of times when upper management wants something, and they want it now, with no concept on how long it actually takes to make it happen. Especially with all of the levels of approvals required, and which each level having to put their own personal touch on it just to feel they actually add some value.

    In addition, if there were statistics on people on medical leave for depression, stress, or other type of work-related mental anguish, I would HIGHLY bet that most are government workers. The stress of trying to do your best, and bring value to a place where it is not necessarily valued or appreciated, can destroy one’s self esteem and all feelings of hope. I think most government workers want to make a positive difference in the world, in their community, however, they are not necessarily given the freedom or outlet to provide innovative ideas and solutions.

    It seems to me that government is a well-oiled machine and does not appreciate the human value in its employees. Or its “servants” if you prefer.

    Ugly but true. At least for me. And the other government employees I have talked to in full honesty.

  • Hi Kim,

    Thanks for your reply and for providing some background on what it’s like to work in a government job. I think that many industries have similar issues and, just like finding the right job in the right company, I’m sure finding there are better areas/roles within government departments as well. I would be interested to here your thoughts on what parts of the government are best to work for.


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