5 Tips to Help Speed up Your Job Search

race_1_bg_092202Let’s face it, job search can take a really long time. Looking for work is generally a frustrating experience, and after filling out multiple job applications and putting together who knows how many cover letters, it can feel like you’re just hitting a dead end. While this is a completely normal experience for any job seeker, there are ways to make the process a little less grueling by doing what you can to speed it up.

Modify Your Resume for Each Employer

To really help move the process along, or at least help increase your chances of getting called back for an interview, it helps to modify your resume to fit each individual line of business you apply for. This means to specify your objective, as well as your relevant skills, to better suit each company; a well-crafted resume that shows you know what the industry is looking for is much more likely to stand out than a generic one designed to fit multiple positions.

Look for Jobs in More than One Place

When looking for work, avoid putting all your eggs in one basket, and instead, seek employment in every direction. Job websites such as Monster or Craigslist are a great place to start, but make sure you’re looking in other locations as well; your local employment center, newspapers, classified ads, and even “Now Hiring” business signs are other places that showcase many community job openings, and you’re guaranteed to land a job faster if you utilize all the available resources.

Weed out the Junk

Many people seem to believe that in order to find a job faster, they should apply to every open position. While it’s good to keep an open mind and pursue various possibilities, applying for a job you aren’t qualified for, or one you know you aren’t planning to have any longevity with, can be a waste of your time. Pursuing only a few realistic options that you can use your relevant qualifications towards increases your chances of finding something much more than going after a handful of jobs that you have absolutely no background or interest for.

Create a Plan of Action and Follow Through

Looking for work needs to be treated as if it’s a job, and in order to make it a priority, it helps to set up realistic goals and follow through on them; this helps you feel less aimless and have more of a clear direction to take your job searching in. For example, set a goal of filling out six online applications one day, and then for the next day, aim to go to the employment center and find out what applications you can fill out there. By being consistent and clear about your goals, and by diversifying the manner in which you’re applying, you’ll feel less burned out and more motivated to keep the search alive and strong.

Get Personal and Follow Up

To speed up the process, it always helps to think like an employer would. Every time a manager advertises a job opening, they get a flood of applicants, so try to think of ways to make yourself stand out. Many individuals simply fill out their resume and/or application, send it off, and then patiently sit back and wait for a response. Instead of following this mindset, be more proactive and aggressive; dress nice and go directly to the company to hand them your resume in person. Putting a face to the applicant helps employers remember who you are, and they’ll already have a good impression of you when it comes time to review your resume.

Another very vital thing to remember is the follow up; if your resume has been out for a week and you haven’t heard anything back, call or go in to politely follow up on the status of your application. Being assertive and eager (but not desperate) is a quality many employers look for in a candidate, and by making it clear you’re on the prowl for the job is a great thing to do in order to stand out and land an interview.

It’s normal to feel run down and worn out after applying for a slew of positions only to have no luck come through, but remember there are always ways you can fine tune your job searching approach. By applying these tips, keeping your eye on the end result, and more than anything, managing to stay positive and know that something will eventually come through (it always does), you should experience a more efficient and bearable job seeking experience.

Arlene Chandler is a freelance writer who loves helping people face life’s unexpected turns. She currently writes about finance tips, career advice, and income protection Australia from AAMI.

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