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5 Tips for Keeping Your Job Search Secret

I was never a big fan of biographies. I do read them from time to time, but generally not. Maybe because I was forced to read them in grade school or maybe it’s because I’m always wondering what secrets these people had that, while maybe not revealed when they were living, would be interesting to read once they are gone. Now we all have secrets. Some are known only by us and shared with no one. Others are just secrets we chose to keep from some people (what they don’t know won’t hurt them concept). Of course most secrets are kept to protect us (kind of like taking the “5th amendment” without telling anyone). So, looking for a job in many cases must be kept as a secret. Not from everyone, but certainly from your current employer (assuming they’ve not asked you to look for a job). And while you may set out, in all good faith, to keep your job search a secret from your employer, there are so many ways you might get caught if you are not careful. Now I know this is not biography material, but this is one secret you want to ensure stays a secret.

  • Your email Address – The first thing you want to do is create an email address just for your job search. There are several reasons for this. First, many people use some form of their name in their email address. This, of course, is a dead giveaway. Second, if your email account is anything like mine, a job search related email might get lost in the shuffle. Keeping a job search specific email address should keep it uncluttered and will allow you to focus. ==>> Top 16 Free Email Services

  • Keep Work and Job Search Separate – Similar to the tip above, don’t use your work email account (duh) and don’t list your work telephone number on emails, resumes or any other job search related place. Also, don’t make job search related calls from work. Take a walk outside (but be discrete and know who is around you) or use a conference room (but use your cell phone). Similarly, don’t discuss your job search with anyone at work (even your most trusted friends). You never know who to trust and things like this have a way of getting out. ==>> Hiding Your Job Search From Your Boss

  • Use Confidential Resumes – A confidential resume is generally used for a job search site that allows you to post your resume and allow others to review your resume. So, as an example, if your current employer used a website where you post your resume, your resume might come up in as search. Now, even if you leave out your name, if you list your current employer someone may still figure out who you are even without your name. There are two options. You can just describe your company (like “mid-sized financial institution”) or you can choose job search sites that allow you to block specific employers. While this is not 100 percent foolproof, it does help. ==>> Confidential Job Search Tips

  • Know Who is Getting Your Resume – Somewhat related to the topic above, when you are employed and looking for a job, you need to control who gets your resume. So, as an example, if you use recruiters you should tell them that they cannot send your resume without your permission. While services that submit your resume a massive number of sites in one submission may work for some, it is not something I would recommend if you are looking to keep your job search a secret. ==>> 10 Mistakes to Avoid in a Confidential Job Search

  • Control How You Market Your Search – Don’t advertise your job search on the Internet. This includes Twitter, Facebook or any other social network (including LinkedIn). You can still use LinkedIn, keep your profile up to date and you are all set. Don’t respond to any “blind” ads where you don’t know the name of the company (you may be sending a resume to your own company). Also, don’t flood the Internet with your resume. Be careful about the job search sites you use. ==>> Keep Your Job Search Secret with These Tips

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