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Unlock High-Tech Careers: 5 Jobs for MSIS Degree Holders

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Careers in business information systems are experiencing some of the fastest growth in the tech industry. And with a median income of $159,100, they definitely fit the bill for high earning potential.

Information systems jobs are great for anyone who has a dual interest in business and tech. But unlike many other tech positions, many of them require an advanced degree, the most common of which is an MSIS.

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Here are five of the top jobs you can get with a management information systems degree.

1. Security Administrator

While you may be able to get a job as a security admin with a bachelor’s degree, many employers prefer higher qualifications due to the job’s complexity and importance. A security administrator is responsible for keeping a business’s data and network safe from attack. They continuously monitor the network for threats and respond appropriately when data is compromised.

2. Software, Web, or App Developer

Software, web, and app development are three of the hottest careers in tech right now. The development professions rely equally on technical prowess and design thinking, making them the perfect choice for creatives with a background in programming.

A developer with an MSIS degree may find themselves creating a website directly for a client, managing a team of software engineers, or being the final pair of eyes to fix bugs and optimize code.

3. Database analyst

A database analyst manages a company’s stored information in cloud-based and/or on-premise data centers. You’ll make sure the information is organized, accessible, and protected from external threats. An analyst needs skills in performance tuning, security, documentation, and system administration.

4. Technical Support Specialist

If you’re considering a career in tech but don’t want to sacrifice human interaction, a technical support position may be a good fit. Contrary to their portrayal in media, a tech support specialist does a lot more than ask “did you try turning it off and back on again?”

Support specialists work one-on-one to help customers out in case of emergencies like data loss and equipment malfunction. Good communication, quick problem-solving, and a desire to serve others will help you go far in this profession.

5. IT Consultant

Perhaps you’re looking for a career in tech that lets you freelance, set your own hours, or travel the country. If so, consider making a place for yourself in the $426 billion IT consulting industry.

Consultants use their knowledge and expertise to help businesses make good IT decisions and long-term investments. Successful IT consultants will have excellent planning and communication skills and will be knowledgeable about both tech and business administration.

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What You’ll Learn From an MSIS Program

Most curricula, like the UAB MSIS program, educate their students on a group of highly practical real-world topics. You’ll spend time learning about the business applications of information systems, IT management, best practices for cybersecurity, and emerging trends in the tech world. After graduation, the skills you’ve learned will make sure you’re prepared to take on any of the positions listed above.

Which of These Information Systems Jobs Is Right for You?

An MSIS degree can pave the way for you to enter any number of information systems jobs. These five are only a few of the options available, so put your analyst skills to work and do some research to make sure you end up with your dream job!

In conclusion, holding an MSIS degree opens a multitude of avenues for high-tech career opportunities. These roles not only offer exciting challenges and continuous learning, but they also bring substantial financial benefits and career growth. Whether you aspire to become a Systems Analyst, Data Architect, IT Project Manager, IT Consultant, or Chief Information Officer, your MSIS degree will equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel. So, if you’re contemplating a career in the realm of information systems, an MSIS degree might just be the key to unlocking your full potential.

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