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5 Different Types Of IT Jobs If You Love Computers

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If you’re a loud and proud tech geek or a self-proclaimed computer nerd, then a job in IT is definitely something you should consider.  With technology being relied on more and more each day, there is a huge increase in the number of IT experts needed. There are a huge variety of jobs out there, so if you’re unsure of where to start you’ve come to the right place. Check out our list of IT below that would make any digital-lover happy.


1. Field Service Technician

A field service technician is an engineer that can handle many types of IT issues in various locations. As a field service technician, you will travel to different sites to undertake different responsibilities. some of these include installation of specific equipment and devices, inspection and maintenance of those devices, and increasing performance functionality.

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2. Video Game Designer

If you have a passion for gaming, then being a video game designer is a super fun job to have. As well as the tech expertise, you’ll also need to have a lot of creative energy and design skills. It’s a competitive career within the industry, so make sure you’ve got the qualifications to back it up. You’ll likely need a degree in computer science or something more specific such as graphic design or game design.

If you’re a loud and proud tech geek or a self-proclaimed computer nerd, then a job in IT is definitely something you should consider. Click To Tweet

3. Web Developer

A web developer is primarily split into two areas – front end and back end. A back-end developer writes coding to create the infrastructure of a website. They will also maintain the website, add any new areas and ensure that it runs smoothly by performing bug fixes. A front-end developer essentially makes the site look good by focusing on the layout and design of the site.  It’s great to try your hand at both so that you can choose which area you’d like to work in. Both aspects require in-depth knowledge of programming and coding languages that you’ll need to work hard to learn, either at college or on the job.

4. Database Administrator

A database administrator manages various online databases, usually regarding the specific company they work for. If you’re a database admin your main responsibility will be ensuring the security of the data, and avoiding any data breaches. Databases usually contain highly personal information, so keeping them safe from prying eyes is essential.

If you’re computer savvy and enjoy helping people, IT support may be the job for you. There are various jobs within this niche from your household computer technician to IT consultants that work with businesses. IT support is very much a problem-solving job – you are essentially a computer doctor and can have any multitude of problems thrown at you. As with web development, you may be able to work for a company or create your own.”

5. Help Desk Technician

A help desk technician is the lynchpin of any organization. Their job is to assist the rest of a company’s employees with any of their IT or computer issues. Your duties could vary between installing and repairing specific pieces of hardware like IT equipment such as desktops, screens, or printers and focussing on software. Software may be dealing with licenses for programs, helping with access, or diagnosing and fixing network issues.

Which one of these IT jobs will you be aiming for in the future? Share in the comments or let us know about your career in IT to inspire others!

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