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5 Careers Where Work Experience Is An Asset

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We all know that a fantastic resume and a great interview performance are crucial in getting a job. But have you also thought about looking for a work experience placement to take part in before you start your job hunt? As there are now many college graduates who are all applying for the top jobs, more and more recruiters and employers are looking for candidates who have practical experience as well as a fantastic education record.

Here are five careers for which it’s worth seeking out some valuable work experience.


Most law firms, such as the law offices of Meyer and Blumenshine, are happy to accept teens and young adults into their company to do week-long work experience placements. For students who are studying law, then there is often the chance to do paid internships. During these work placement and internships, the individual will get first-hand experience of working in a professional legal environment and should gain some basic admin skills which will be crucial in later life.


Working in accountancy is another office-based career, just like working in law, and those who take a work experience placement with an account will find that they gain some very worthwhile admin experience. They will also see for themselves how managing multiple projects at once can be, as the majority of accountancy firms have a huge book of clients!


There are lots of teaching placements for those looking to experience life as a teacher. If you are currently studying a teaching degree or other similar course, your college or university might have connections to local schools, which can make it easy to find a place. Ideally, you should try and find a work experience placement which is at the type of school and with the age group that you would like to work with in the future.


Engineering, whether working hands-on with machinery or taking on a more academic role drawing up designs, is a very practical career, and many recruiters want to see that applicants already have some experience working with machines and designs. Some people who want to try and forge a career in engineering take a weekend job with a local mechanic while they go through school and college so that they boost their experience. For those who want to work more on the design side of things, most college courses include lots of practical assignments in their modules.


There is a large swing towards practical careers as more people realize that they are often better paid and easier to get into compared to academic careers. One popular one is cheffing. It is extremely easy to get experience working in a professional kitchen as many restaurants and cafes hire young workers in weekend and seasonal jobs. And once you have these jobs, you will find that it is easier to work your way up through the cheffing trade, especially if you go on to train professionally at a cookery school.

So, if you have some free time, it will be very worth looking for a work experience placement!

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