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4 Underutilized IT Staffing Tips

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j0234774Sometimes when looking to fill a position, IT companies need a fresh perspective on their recruiting process. Below are four tips that will help to assist companies with figuring out which candidates fit their IT staffing needs.

Anticipate for the Future. Being proactive is key in any type of business. As waiting until your company has a job opening to begin the hiring process can often lead to losing out on some of the top candidates. Make sure to plan ahead for the positions that will become available in the future. Although this requires a great deal of forethought, this plan of attack ensures that you can compile a strong crop of candidates when the time is right.

Everyone is a Recruiter. Continuing the trend of changing the way to perceive IT staffing, is how to perceive the recruiting process itself. Everyone is a Recruiter. Every employee, everyone who interacts with the client, or interacts with people in the targeted field, are all recruiting assets. Some are more of a hard-seller, while others promote your brand, but make no mistake, everyone is recruiting. The sooner these employees can be teamed together, the more cohesive they can be.

Entry-level Employees are a Great Resource. In a field predicated on technology, entry-level candidates are key. Youth is a great asset any field, as versatile IT prospects that have extensive experience are often few and far between. They also can often be very expensive. A smart solution would be to focus your search for entry-level, or those willing to take entry-level positions. Cultivating a candidate from young professional, to seasoned veteran isn’t easy, but can be very rewarding, and cost-effective.

Think of Recruiting as a Function of Public Relations. Creating buzz is key. Whether it is on social media, through SEO, or traditional media, a positive reputation is invaluable. Building a strong following is an effective way to create interest in your company, and makes sure that the candidates targeted, are top level prospects. Posting blogs and  articles for trusted and respected publications and websites in your field is a low-cost, potentially high-return way to brand your firm.

By using these three underutilized tactics your IT Staffing firm is sure to make a splash when targeting your next company, position, or candidates.

Kane Partners is a Philadelphia based staffing firm concentrating on technology clients, especially in IT, engineering and manufacturing. They provide a full-service HR solution to industries such as telecommunications  software development, healthcare, and government among many others.

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