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3 Career Opportunities for Desk Job Haters

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It’s no secret that for some, working desk jobs can grow stale and even boring after a while. After all, you’re essentially confined to your own little workspace. And given how repetitive such jobs often are, any sort of excitement is usually few and far between.

Naturally, this can push many towards trying to change their workplace, desperate to do anything else than pushing paper or typing all day on a computer. Fortunately for you, there are many rewarding career opportunities for those who hate their desk jobs and want a change of professional pace.

If you want an entirely different experience from being a desk jockey, try out being a data analysis tutor. Moreover, you can always become a business coach. Finally, if you have some funds stashed, consider setting up your own company in the industry you feel knowledgeable about.

Read on and discover what rewarding opportunities await you if you despise your desk job!

Work as a Data Analyst Tutor

On the surface, being a data analysis tutor might seem like just another desk job you would rather avoid doing. But, it does not necessarily have to involve sitting in front of a computer screen, working all day in Microsoft Excel or some other software.

Instead, you get to be in the field, teaching others about the importance of collecting and interpreting data. The choice of subjects you will teach your students depends solely on your current skills and knowledge.

For instance, if you are proficient in data science and machine learning, you can offer your services to people interested in those fields. Conversely, suppose you are an expert in risk assessment and business continuity management. In that case, You could become a part of a crisis management team or create a professional course on this topic and sell it online.

You could even cooperate with large organisations, teaching their employees tips and tricks they can later use to uncover critical insights leading to better informed and successful decision-making. The possibilities are endless!

Become a Business Coach

This job opportunity is similar to our previous proposition. Yet, it is distinct enough that it validates a few more words on its own.

Today more than ever, businesses are looking for people who have experience in management and can offer advice on how to improve their workflow. This is where business coaches come in — they help companies increase performance and productivity by understanding their employees better and offering advice on making the workplace more efficient.

If you want an entirely different experience from being a desk jockey, try out being a data analysis tutor. Moreover, you can always become a business coach.Click To Tweet

While being a data analyst tutor focuses on improving the skills of employees, a business coach focuses on the people at a company’s helm. This way, they can help leaders excel at their tasks and make the firm prosper like never before.

Since most business coaches are experienced in the field and have managed large teams, they’re able to identify problems and provide solutions on how to fix them. Moreover, they’re also able to incorporate new techniques into old practices and come up with ideas for new projects.

Business coaching is an amazing opportunity for those who are interested in management and want to help companies become more profitable. As such, you’ll need good communication skills and the ability to work well in high-pressure situations. But if you’re interested in becoming a coach, then it might be worth trying it out.

Start Your Own Company

If you have some extra cash to spare, you may consider setting up your own business. This is a great way to work in the industry you’re interested in and make money while doing it. The best part? You don’t need to be a CEO of a large company to do it, as you can start your own small business — be it a coffee or flower shop, and learn how to manage it on your own.

The beginnings might be hard as you’ll have to prepare a comprehensive strategy for your enterprise, so you can successfully attract customers and sell your products. There is also the matter of registering your business and figuring out the taxes you’ll have to pay. Still, with patience and dedication, you might succeed, making all the hardships worthwhile.


Desk jobs aren’t for everyone, which is why many people are looking for alternative opportunities that offer something completely different. If you’re tired of sitting at a desk all day and are looking for ways to change your job and work in a new field, then consider becoming a delivery driver, tutor, or business coach. They’re all exciting careers that offer new challenges for people who are fed up with their desk jobs.

You might also want to consider starting your own private enterprise, as this is a great way to become your own boss and work in the field you’re interested in. Whatever you choose, you’re likely to be more satisfied than you currently are with your 9-to-5 desk job. Good luck!

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