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Stock markets are all-powerful in the USA, bringing in trillions in lucrative investment, and with that industry is a stable of well-paid careers. An investment banker, for example, can expect to earn at least $54,700 in their very first year, according to Forbes. Salary aside, there are countless career opportunities and ways in which to diversify, from venture capitalism to analytics, to insurance. It’s a great career to choose and can offer self-employment or the security of an office, but there’s a specific skill set you need to land a job and succeed.

Salary aside, financial services provides countless career opportunities and ways in which to diversify, from venture capitalism to analytics, to insurance.

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A keen eye for technology

Those tech-savvy learners might do well in the world of investment. Technology transforms every job market, but stocks and shares are particularly sensitive. This is true both for how the market makes money and also how it services consumers. For example, some of the most popular trading tools are now largely digitized; contract for difference (CFD) trades employ both human and computer-based brokers with equal results.

Investopedia now estimates that there are now 200 brokerages and related companies using robo-advisors. When it comes to making money, cryptocurrency is a notable example of high technology influencing markets – the London Stock Exchange is now actively involved with cryptocurrency, signaling technology’s importance. Those who enjoy technology can find gainful employment as analysts for venture capitalists or in the retail banking and insurance sector.


Research and analytics

Research is absolutely crucial to many wealth management firms, and it shows – the salary of the average investment analyst starts at $85,000, according to indeed. As an independent analyst, this can be enhanced by your freedom over salary. However, many of these roles are better performed in business; while early years can mean tough work, it will become easier and is often preferable to the long hours of running a self-employed business – particularly in the highly charged world of investment. In terms of skills, analysts can be drawn from a wide pool of talent. Don’t feel restricted by degree; opportunities in analytics require problem-solving minds, a dedication to research, and a good work ethic.


The fund manager

Fund managers can become some of the most influential figureheads in the investment industry. Warren Buffet is most famed, and Seth Klarman has made headlines with his bold economic predictions. You can expect, if successful in your career, to gain a reputation, which is encouraging for those who enjoy the spotlight. What’s more, it can be managed as a self-employed person, as many successful fund managers will start their own agencies when they have gained the requisite experience.

Careers in Financial Services are some of the most challenging and rewarding careers. It is certainly one of the higher paying industries and the last few years has seen renewed hiring and plenty of opportunities if you know where to look. If you are already working in financial services, thinking about moving into financial services or considering career opportunities” – Careers in Financial Services

The skills needed lean towards independence; the ability to make broad decisions confidently and assertively, in the knowledge that you manage other people’s money, is a heavy responsibility. Starting salary is leveled at around $68,000, according to CareerTrend.

The investment and finance industry is a great proposition for anyone thinking about a new career. There is a huge range of professions available, catering to a wide set of skills. A career could be there for you.


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