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Which Working Environment Truly Suits You?

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Which working environment best suits you? This is not always an easy question to answer. This is also a much different question than asking ‘which job is best for you?’ Sometimes, it’s not always apparent which job you truly desire, as you haven’t developed your professional skillset enough to know what you’re good at and what you practically enjoy. You might study for a career on film sets for three years, gain a job, and then realize you hate the flow of life and interset dynamics of all shoots you attend. While this is a relatively extreme example, it shows that environment makes a big difference on your overall working happiness.

Does this mean you should choose your career based on your working environment solely? No, of course not, much in the same way that choosing a career from any lone feature is anything but wise. However, if you’re truly stumped, figuring out which environment you might thrive in could give you an idea of what career you’d most enjoy pursuing.

Sensible, Slow, Social

If you’re someone who enjoys clocking in, working hard on an individual basis or in group projects while seated, with a pleasant environment and working dynamics around you, then a number of office jobs might be something you’d do well in. An office job is usually sensible, relatively slow (from a social perspective,) while also allowing you to engage in long-term fixtured relationships with the people around you. If you enjoy being tied to one place, and having the stability that often offers, then this could be your best way forward. After all, sometimes the 9-5 grind is a very pleasant experience for the temperament of some people, even during busy working periods.

Fragmented, Fun, Temporary

If you’re more the person who enjoys moving onto horizons new with every job you encounter, but still prefer a sense of agency and permanence, then a job in construction could be for you. If you enjoy relatively humorful banter and relationships with colleagues that can become strong due to mutual toil, plus you enjoy working with your hands, then we’d recommend focusing on this. Of course, you might choose to work on a firm providing big jobs or even own your own small business as a handyman or electrician for many properties. This way every job is fresh, every challenge is new, and every client has something interesting to offer.

Silly, Clinical, Memorable

If you enjoy the crazed pace of work and cannot thrive unless under extreme pressure, then working in hospitality as a bartender, bar manager, chef or head chef could work for you. Restaurants and bars often have some of the wildest working lives, as everyone who makes a place like this work often has an abundance of personality to offer. If you enjoy silly working relationships that are nevertheless grounded in mutual dependence, a clinical approach to the uniform service you offer your guests, and to enjoy a few impromptu socials in the working environment you keep, then working in one of these venues could be a net positive for you, and keep you sustained for a while.

With these tips, you can be sure to enjoy a working environment that means the most to you.

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