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Why Mental Health Is Relevant In The Business World

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Mental health is one of the most crucial aspects of business that often goes overlooked, yet it has a major role in just about every interaction. This article will share with you where mental health has an impact in some capacity and why it should be made a priority in every business around the world.

Job Performance

Perhaps the most apparent area of business that mental health is crucial is how employees are performing in the workplace.

Mental health issues, especially stress, anxiety, and depression, can affect anyone, even in high-paying positions. Disorders like these are incredibly common, but they can be devastating for those who it affects.

Simply put, if an employee is feeling distressed, they may struggle to sleep, socialize, and can’t perform at their fullest potential, which is why staff need to be educated about these issues, and resources should be made available.

A happier and healthier workforce will always translate to a more productive one, and this can be done by normalizing mental health discussion and treatment.

Reducing Turnover

Employee turnover is a severe side-effect of mental health issues in a business, and it’s something that most people within an organization dread.

Turnover is an issue related to job performance; however, instead of poor performance, stress and burnout cause employees to leave entirely, and this places an extra burden on employees who choose to stay and work.

Once again, mental health education and resources should be in place to help recognize the signs of mental health issues that can cause burnout and a lack of job satisfaction so that they can be rectified or prevented in the future.

If an employee states their reason for wanting to leave is due to these issues, it’s important that supervisors listen carefully and show that they care.

Interpersonal Relationships

At every level of a business, there are interactions that are constantly occurring between people. Whether it’s coworkers trying to accomplish a task, a small owner working with clients, or a CEO leading their employees, mental health will always have an influence on how we communicate with each other.

As you can see, communication is an essential skill to have in business because it encourages cooperation and teamwork, and it’s needed in order to keep clients and customers happy.

However, communication isn’t just about knowing how to speak – you need to learn how to listen as well, and this is especially important when learning how to deal with constructive criticism and trying to resolve conflict within the workplace.

Listening also includes suggestions from the general public too, and by taking into consideration what others have to say, it will ultimately be good for the business in the long run.

Mental health is one of the most crucial aspects of business that often goes overlooked, yet it has a major role in just about every interaction. This article will share with you where mental health has an impact in some capacity.Click To Tweet

How To Provide Support

Looking closely after the mental health of their employees is something that is essential for all businesses, and there are ways to give people the support that they need.

As mentioned earlier, listening to people’s concerns can be extremely effective, but you are not required to counsel them. If employees are feeling stressed and are at risk of burning out, it’s best to redirect them to a professional who can help them cope.

One of the best ways to do this is through online therapy, and MyTherapist can help people get connected quickly to licensed professionals who understand how to treat people struggling with issues related to their work environment.

However, even if employees are content, there are still valuable lessons that can be learned by working with a counselor and therapist, such as communication and team-building skills.


By prioritizing mental health and investing in it, businesses can greatly increase their chances of prospering. Hopefully, by reading this article, you not only learned about some of the negative consequences of untreated mental health issues but importantly, realized what there is to be gained from taking it seriously. By doing so, everyone will be happier, healthier, and more productive.

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