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Managing the Health and Safety of Your Staff

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  1. Coronavirus
  2. Fire Safety

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Health and safety has always been important. It’s something that should be central to every business’ operations, actions, and decision-making process. Sure, it might not be all too exciting to think about and talk about, but it’s one of the most important elements of your business. Failing to adhere to health and safety regulations could not only see your staff hurt and create huge ethical issues. It can also see your team short of a staff member while they recover and demoralise the rest of your team, significantly reducing productivity.

It could also see you face huge court costs and compensation claims, which could financially ruin your business. Finally, the public are sure to find out, which could damage your brand’s reputation and see sales plummet in serious incidents. All in all, you need to focus on health and safety for moral, financial, and practical reasons. Here are just a few areas to focus on when you get started out!


The area of health and safety at the top of most people’s minds right now revolves around coronavirus. Coronavirus and Covid-19 are contagious and potentially deadly, so you need to do everything you can to prevent and slow its spread within your workforce. If your staff can work from home, get them to work from home. If they have to work on-site, make sure that your premises is appropriate and follows coronavirus guidelines. Otherwise, you could face worker’s compensation claims. Some steps to take could include:

  • Ensuring all workers can operate two metres away from each other
  • Providing face masks
  • Providing hand sanitiser
  • Placing protective barriers between workers where possible
  • Placing social distancing stickers on the floor at two-metre distances
  • Closing spaces that are too small to maintain social distancing

Large business COVID testing in Miami with a service such as Drip Hydration is another preventive measure you can take to protect your staff and avoid closures, lost revenue, and other expenses. A professional medical service can help you develop an ongoing workplace health and safety plan and ensure all tests are performed in compliance with local rules and regulations.

Fire Safety

If you have any commercial premises, you need to make sure that they are fire safety compliant. This means following the below steps.

Fire Exits

All commercial premises should have fire exits. These should be clearly signed with fire exit signs. It’s generally best to purchase signs that illuminate in the dark. These are particularly effective during power outages.

You need to focus on health and safety for moral, financial, and practical reasons. Here are just a few areas to focus on when you get started out!Click To Tweet

Fire Extinguishers

Your commercial property requires suitable and sufficient fire extinguishers. The most common types of fire extinguishers used include water, AFFF foam, carbon dioxide, ABC powder, water mist, and wet chemical.

Fire Blankets

If your workplace has kitchens, for example, if you operate a cafe, restaurant or other premises that offers hot food, you should also purchase fire blankets. These are designed to help resolve pan fires and other types of kitchen fire.

Fire Curtains

If you operate a large and open space like a warehouse, you need to invest in fire curtains. These are also commonly referred to as smoke barriers. They are essentially a large curtain that will hang from the ceiling and block entrances and exits. They stop smoke and fire travelling between two areas.

These, of course, are just two areas of fire safety that you really need to focus on. There are countless other areas you need to prioritise too, but hopefully, some of the above information will help you to get off to the best start possible!

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