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Why is the FSSAI exam crucial to be a food inspector?

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The FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) is a governmental institution that comes under the Government of India. It functions under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare department of the Union government. It is an autonomous body established under Food Safety and Standard Act 2006. The main function of FSSAI is to regulate food safety standards across India. It promotes public health through food safety measures.

Candidates who dream of a Food Inspector or a relevant job must clear the FSSAI exam. It certifies candidates with junior food analyst and food analyst certificates to fresher and experienced candidates. The certificate gives your preference to work in food testing labs across the nation.  Before preparing for this job, candidates need to be aware of FSSAI Eligibility Criteria. FSSAI directly recruits candidates for a position like Technical Officer and Central Food Safety Officer. You can be the food safety officer and inspect the food safety standards across the nation.

Roles and responsibilities of the food safety officer

  • The Central Food Safety Officer certifies the company about health codes. They inspect whether firms are meeting healthy consumables or not. Restaurants and food manufacturing plants fall under their inspection part.
  • He or she ensures food production companies, distributors, and food processors undergo protocols set by the authority. Protocols include proper handling, storage, processing, and sanitation of products. By this practice, quality is not compromised.
  • Monitors the hygienic condition of food ingredients and quality of food products. They inspect whether the equipment used in food products meet the quality guidelines or not. Failing in these parameters may result in a shutdown of the company.
  • They check whether labelling descriptions on the consumable product are appropriate or not
  • Have a good hold in legal terminology related to food safety standards. They make food products appropriate for consumers
  • Make businesses compliant with international health and safety standards.
  • A food inspector always looks out for contaminated food resources that may put the health of the general public at risk. They can put companies behind bars whoever do the malpractices in food safety measures.
  • Central Food Safety Officers keep an eye on the animal husbandry industry like slaughterhouses and poultry farms. They inspect whether these places maintain hygiene and work under disease-free conditions or not.
  • Educate violators about safety measures and rectify their practices
  • Reports food safety violation to the regulatory authorities and documents the course of action

Eligibility to become a Food Inspector

  • Candidates must consider the underlying general requirements to prepare for this position. Before preparation we suggest they be well-versed with FSSAI Syllabus.
  • Bachelor’s degree in scientific disciplines like Biochemistry, Food Technology, Food Science, Public health, or others. Aspirants must hold a BE or B Tech degree in their respective subjects.
Candidates who dream of a Food Inspector or a relevant job in India must clear the FSSAI exam. It certifies candidates with junior food analyst and food analyst certificates to fresher and experienced candidates.Click To Tweet
  • One year PG diploma in the Food Safety, Food Science or Food industry from a Government recognized university/institute.
  • Candidates with Masters and Doctorate degrees can also apply for this position. They must hold degrees in Food Technology, Biochemistry, Food Science, Dairy Technology, Microbiology or relevant subjects.

Final words

Candidates if you are assertive to job functions and eligibility, you are ready to be a Food Safety Officer. Like in the USA, USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) works and inspects food quality measures, FSSAI does the same in India. It’s up to you whether you want to serve on a national level or state level. Many private and government organizations hire food inspectors. It is a good career in the food industry and candidates who are keen on health science may apply for it. An important note is only Indian citizens can apply for this Central Government job.

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