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What To Do When You’re Looking To Leave Your Current Career

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Not everyone remains satisfied with their job forever. There’s so much opportunity for movement and change within this modern world that it can be easy enough for a person to become bored or unfulfilled with the job they have.

For some people, the career path they always thought they would love and stay in, may no longer be right for them. And that’s OK! However, it’s important that if you’re looking to switch careers, you do some careful planning rather than just quitting your job straight away.

Here are some helpful tips on what to do when you’re looking to leave your current career this year or sometime in the near future.

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Decide if it’s the right decision to make now

Is it the right decision to change your career path now? For some, it might feel like there’s no choice but to leave their current job for the sake of their mental health. If that’s the case, then no job is worth sticking at if it’s impacting your health – physically or mentally.

However, there might be situations in which the timing of you leaving your job isn’t the best and you might want to stick it out for a few more months or until the end of the year perhaps? It’s always good to make sure you’ve got a new job secured, ideally before leaving your current one.

Although, that’s not always a situation that comes to fruition.

“At some point, most of us have contemplated leaving our jobs. Whether it’s due to a lack of recognition, a bad day, or feeling undervalued, the thought of seeking new employment can cross our minds. But when is the right time to start actively searching for a new job?” – 4 Signs to Seek a New Job

Explore different career paths

When it comes to leaving your current career, consider what other career paths are out there. It’s worthwhile exploring different career paths, beyond just one or two that you’ve already taken an interest in.

When leaving your current career, it’s always worth looking at what is making you want to leave the profession you’re in. That way, you’re unlikely to fall into another career path that isn’t quite right for you either. 

Build up a list of skills, experience, and qualifications

Once you’ve figured out what type of career you want, you’ll now want to consider what skills, experience, and qualifications to look out for. This is important because depending on the type of career you’re looking to go into next, might require you to get certain skills up to date or qualifications earned before you’re even considered for a role. 

If you’re looking to venture into a career for example, in the, then this might require a few more qualifications than you currently have.

Get your resume ready

In order to give yourself the best chances of success, consider getting your resume ready. Your current resume might be a little outdated, especially if you’ve been in a role for a long time.

Consider getting your resume up to scratch when it comes to making your application as up-to-date as possible.

Dive in with both feet

Finally, when switching career paths, make sure you’re diving in with both feet. That way, you’ve really got nothing left to lose and you’ll be more likely to succeed as a result. 

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