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What does an eCommerce employee do?

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Selling goods and services through the Internet is called e-commerce. A business owner can sell his products and services on social media and communicate with his customers online.

E-commerce has different parts, and each part has its responsible person who performs certain tasks; also, hiring each person for each part has a specific method.

In this article, we discuss the best job positions available in e-commerce business and the necessary skills, and how to hire the best people.

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What does an eCommerce employee do?

Different people work in e-commerce, each of which has its own job title and responsibility, which we will examine later.

But the basis of an e-commerce employee’s work includes creating attractive content, establishing solid relationships with customers and providing them with appropriate services, updating the website and new products, collaborating with other team members to share website content, and others such as marketing, keyword research, support, email marketing, etc.

Although people with different expertise make up an electronic business, all these employees and managers are trying to make their online store better and more visible so that more people become their customers, and as a result, the sales of their products increase. 

Therefore, it is vital that the people who work in different departments of e-commerce know and perform their duties correctly and cause the development of the collection and increase in sales and the number of customers.

Top positions of eCommerce

As we mentioned in the previous section, e-commerce has different sections, and specialists in each section are working. Choosing the right employees is actually one of the most challenging steps in running an ecommerce business.

This section reviews the top and most demanded e-commerce job positions.

Web developers

The web developer has a fundamental role in providing better e-commerce services. A website developer designs the website, which is the central part of e-commerce. Besides designing the website, a web developer operates it, supports it, and takes care of its appearance. 

This position is one of the most popular because it has a good salary. But you should note that if you want to work in this field, in addition to the ability to design a website, you must also know programming and be interested in teamwork.

SEO content writer

As an e-commerce owner, you must put attractive and optimized content if you want more people to see and click on your website. This is exactly what an SEO content writer does.

More than 70% of ecommerce marketers believe that content writers have helped them to educate their audience and reduce the time they’ve to explain details to customers.

An SEO content writer also helps increase your website‘s visibility and sales by producing attractive content.

Marketing Specialist

The secret to the success of any business, primarily e-commerce, is the proper marketing methods because by following the right marketing strategies, your sales will increase, and you will get closer to your goals.

E-commerce marketing specialists should be able to use different marketing strategies that align with your business goals because if they use the proper marketing strategy, it can help your products and services to be exposed to more customers. That is why marketing specialists have a vital role in your e-commerce business’s development process.

Customer service representative

Customer services representatives are responsible for communicating with customers by phone, and email, to assist them when they need help with a purchased order or service. Another important aspect of the customer service representative role is that they can evaluate the level of customer satisfaction and help an e-commerce business improve its services in needed areas.

Order clerk

The order clerk’s main responsibility is checking the customer’s personal information and making sure that the purchase details don’t have any problems. These details could include the amount of purchase, cost of shipping, and more. The order clerk will also communicate with customers and inform them about their purchase process or when a delay or issue might happen with their purchase.

Business analyst

Undoubtedly, one of the most important job positions that can be seen in large e-commerce companies is a business analyst.

The person in this position has a very good view of the business world and high analytical power.

A business analyst analyzes the data and information produced in the e-commerce company, and then puts the obtained result at the managers’ disposal. 

These results include general information about the company’s work process and performance and show which cases and strategies are fruitful and which are not.

There are other job positions in the e-commerce world, but the ones we have mentioned are among the most important and top ones.

What are the skills required for e-commerce employees?

Every person in every section of the e-commerce company who works needs special skills for that position. Still, basic skills are needed to enter the world of e-commerce, and here we will examine some of the most important ones.

Communication skills 

One of the most critical skills required for success in e-commerce is having strong public relations and the ability to communicate with others.

Because the main goal of an e-commerce brand is to increase sales, employees must be able to communicate effectively with customers.

Marketing and advertising skills

Another necessary skill is marketing and advertising. An e-commerce employee must know different marketing methods and types, such as email and social media marketing. Also, he/she should know how to advertise your brand, as advertising is another way to attract attention.

Therefore, marketing and advertising help your brand and business to be seen more, find more customers, and ultimately have more sales.

Content writing

One of the main skills of an e-commerce employee is the ability to produce attractive content suitable for your brand and products because your produced content shows whether your brand and product are reliable and suitable.

Apart from the things we mentioned, other skills are necessary for success in the business world, but these are the most important ones.

How to choose the best e-commerce employee?

To hire the best employee for your e-commerce business, you need to consider and look for specific characteristics of the person in question.

Your best employee is someone who:

  • Have the necessary skills
  • Thirsty to learn and interested in progress
  • Be creative and offer new ideas
  • Be eager for your success and your business
  • Ability to implement different ideas for your business
  • Have a positive and logical view of issues and, at the same time, be patient
  • Be responsible and perform their duties with high-quality
  • Being able to manage work pressures and perform their duties carefully

You can use online pre-employment testing platforms or even AI-driven pre-hire testing solutions to assess job applicants considering the mentioned skills.

The things we have mentioned are the most important things you should pay attention to when choosing and hiring your employees.


The world of e-commerce and online sales is progressing day by day.

Therefore, if you want to succeed in this path, you must choose your team members correctly because each has a special responsibility that makes you go through this path easier. So try to hire professional and skilled people to make the path of success smoother for you. 

In this article, we helped you access the most critical skills that e-commerce employees need, the top job positions, and how to hire the most professional people in this field. So you don’t need to search for all these different sources because we have provided them all in one place.

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