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What Do Casino Recruiters Value In Candidates

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The casino industry, both online and land-based, is booming. According to Cision PR Newswire, the casino industry is predicted to have a $516.03 billion increase in 2021. With the increasing demand, casino owners and operators are in dire need of more employees.

If you’re interested, here are some of the valuable assets head hunters are looking for a potential casino employee:

1. Integrity and Honesty

Casinos see millions of dollars changing hands daily. With the amount of money circulating inside, candidates should have integrity and honesty under their belts. They should be trustworthy and treat guests with the highest level of respect and dignity – not for the hefty tips, but because of your sense of hospitality!

Candidates should also know the ethics and the relevant government and casino laws and regulations surrounding casino employees.

Casino employee candidates need to have strong morals to control any guests. They need to keep their cool under control while handling guests. This trait can be essential in preventing assault or any harassment. Moreover, they should also be fair and nurture peace and stability.

Integrity also entails accountability. Candidates should assume any consequences of their behavior. Also, candidates need to respect other people’s opinions, even if they disagree with them. Moreover, they should be open to constructive criticisms thrown at them.

2. References from Within the Industry

During the selection process, candidates must present the names of people as references. But is it valuable for employers in the casino industry?

There are secret algorithms, safety measures, and other trade secrets kept shut by the casinos. Because the industry is so sensitive, employers love having good contacts from fellow casino operators you have worked with before. These references will increase the chance of a candidate getting the job.

In choosing references, candidates should put a person that has a supervisory position. Moreover, these references should have worked closely with you. This way, they can talk freely about the work ethics and habits you have.

However, they need to have a working phone number, a professional Skype account, or an email account. If recruiters can’t reach any of the references, this can decrease the hiring chances.

The casino industry, both online and land-based, is booming. With increasing demand, casino owners are in dire need of more employees. If you’re interested, here are some of the valuable assets head hunters are looking for a potential casino employeeClick To Tweet

3. Clean Criminal Record

Casinos run a thorough and advanced background check for all of their potential employees. Employers have the authority to check each candidate’s criminal record. Considering how money-centric running a casino is, candidates are not welcomed with open arms without a squeaky clean rap sheet.

Moreover, there are risks of having sexual assaults in the casino.

However, there are some limitations to this one. For one, the criminal records that are not related to the job can be exempted but under the employer’s discretion. Also, employers should not include expunged crimes in the decision-making.

4. Gamblers are Not Valued

While casino operators want candidates to be knowledgeable about the games themselves and even be curious, gamblers are not appreciated. They won’t hire a gambler or anybody showing signs of the love of taking a high risk, especially working as a dealer.

Employers simply fear that they will somehow steal some of the money they’ll see to pay for their gambling habits.

Employees who have a gambling addiction can pose a significant risk to the casino. These individuals tend to become more stressed out and distracted, thus cannot perform their job well. They can become a critical liability that may break a company.

5. Luxury Hospitality is Precious

Luxury hospitality is predominant in hotels, but it has been creeping into casinos for the past years. In layman’s terms, luxury hospitality is the process of giving guests unparalleled and less tangible experience. It can be in the form of overflowing drinks or other things that makes their stay in the casino memorable.

Casino employees are not like computer programmers or any other jobs with little to no human interaction. Casinos are like hotels as they welcome wealthy guests. These guests expect a level of service that must be fine and consistent. Any client that walks into the casino should have a unique experience.

Individuals who worked in five-star hotels will be appreciated. People who have been engaged in delivering a more holistic and interactive approach are welcomed. Moreover, candidates should have a background in handling culturally diverse guests as casinos are tourist magnets.

6. Versatility and Hard Work

Casinos require employees to be both proactive and reactive to any given situation. They need to anticipate any situation and rise to the occasion when a new one pops up.

Besides being able to anticipate the client’s needs and wants, casino employees need to be versatile and hard working. If you enjoy leaving on time or having two consecutive days off, maybe the casino industry is not for you.

Hours will be incredibly long, weekends not fixed, and last-minute VIPs requiring your presence are common.

Moreover, candidates are expected to be flexible enough to fulfill any special requests. Flexibility also entails that candidates assure the guests that they find alternatives if they can’t satisfy their expectations. Versatility is also synonymous with eagerness to learn.

Candidates should have an appetite for knowledge and ready to learn, especially during the age of technology. Most casino operators have taken to the internet and want individuals who are tech-savvy or at least willing to learn.

Casino workers should show reliability traits like being loyal and unbiased. Lastly, casino employees should have the strength to handle an influx of customers, especially in busy hours.

Data-driven Personality

Some people base their decision on their gut feelings, but facts are facts. So much money is at stake when you’re working in a casino, either online or land-based. Although casino games are built on luck and chance, casino operators need to crunch numbers and do the math.

If you are applying to be an executive, you need to show how data-driven you are, like how you enjoy backtesting strategies. A data-driven decision is the most powerful tool anyone can have in their arsenal.

Overall, the gambling industry is an exciting place to work in. Keep in mind these values to be a potential candidate for a casino. Once you’re in, there are many opportunities, especially when you’ll give it your hundred percent. Still, don’t forget to be yourself and give it all you got.

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