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How to Make a Career in Gambling

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For most people, gambling in an online casino is a fun pastime. They indulge in it every now and then. Many take advantage of the casino bonuses like 100 free spins no deposit to have fun and make money. However, there are some people who make a career out of gambling. In fact, they earn good money doing this. 

Even though winning in an online casino primarily depends on luck, if you make good betting choices and have a proper understanding of the betting strategies, you can make a good living by gambling online.

Erica Walter, a game reviewer, has also made a career in gambling.

“I review new casino games and get paid for it. It brings me joy and money,” Erica comments.

There are many professional gamblers out there, and it is their full-time job. In case you want to make a career in gambling, here’s what you can do. 

Matched Bettor

Matched betting is the best way to become a professional gambler. You can make enough money out of this if done correctly. A majority of online gambling sites provide promotions like free bets for you to try out. They mainly do this to attract more players to their site. You cannot withdraw the free bet. But if you win from it, you can keep it. If you are wise, you can hedge the bets, and no matter what is the result; you can withdraw the free bet. By doing this with different online bookmakers, you will be able to make a lot of money. 

Even though winning in an online casino primarily depends on luck, if you make good betting choices and have a proper understanding of the betting strategies, you can make a good living by gambling online.Click To Tweet

Value Bettor

Value bettors are the leading experts in a certain sport or team. These people know everything about games. At times they know more than the oddsmakers or the bookies. They secure information and then create their own odds. In case the odds are highly different from what the bookmakers have come up with, their bet will be different. 

If you are looking to be the purest kind of professional gambler, a value bettor is the best option. They don’t use bonuses; rather, they make money gambling by defeating the bookies at their own game. 

Sports Trader

You must have already heard about conventional bookmakers, but there are also many betting exchanges. These markets run just like stock markets. This is where the gamblers buy and sell bets. Thus, you will be able to trade in and out of one wager multiple times and lock in the money you make prior to the event happening. 

Traders develop strategies for buying and selling these bets. In simple terms, they use the same strategies that hedge investments and funds banks use for trading the stock market. 

Poker Player

Being a poker player is one of the most common gambling professions. However, this also means the competition is quite strong as everyone is trying their hand at it. 

The most difficult part of being a professional poker player, apart from being better than your competitor, you have to be good enough to cover the rake. This is the commission that gambling sites take from each hand. In order to make money gambling on poker, there has to be a significant difference between you and your opponent’s skill.

It implies, better is your opponent, the less money you are going to make. So, if you want to earn real money playing poker, you have to work hard.


Many professional gamblers make money with sports betting arbitrage. It is quite simple. For instance, a tennis match is in progress, and a bookmaker believes a certain player is going to win, but another bookmaker believes another player will grab a win, and then they are going to practice the odds quite differently. In this case, you can place multiple bets on the same event and its different outcomes. This way, no matter who is winning the match, you can make money. 

Tips to Make a Career in Gambling

If you want to make a career in gambling, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. 

  • Practice makes perfect. The more you do something, the better you will get at it. Gambling is the same. Use the casino bonus to practice slots if you want to make money out of it. The more you play a game, the more experienced you are going to be when it comes to decision-making. 
  • Learn to quit while you are ahead. This is a skill that everyone should learn. You should know when to walk away. It is about timing and making the right call at the right time. This is also something that improves with time.
  • Treat it like work. Some people gamble online for thrill and fun with the hope to make some additional money. But if your intention is solely to make money, you should treat it as your job.

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