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Want a Marketing Job? Then Market Yourself

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Recent advances in cyberspace have facilitated the growth of marketing jobs vacancies like never before.  Trying to find a job in any industry can seem like a daunting proposition, one that requires varying degrees of skill, luck, and networking ability.  Marketing is an area in which your ability to connect – to self-promote and promulgate, to make yourself a veritable billboard – is especially desirable.

Using a QR Code on Your Resume

Enhance your resume; your work history can now be contained within a barcode, along with a photograph and links to your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Known as QR (Quick Response) codes, these nifty 2D ciphers may well be the future when it comes to marketing recruitment. Having a QR code on your resume could help differentiate from the competition.

Advertising yourself using QR codes could set you ahead of the competition, and highlights the sort of creativity that shows you were made to be a marketeer. In this vein, QR codes need not be dull binary cubes: they can be personalized and varicolored, and even contain images on the code itself. Moreover, if advertising yourself as a marketing guru, why not link your QR code to your personal blog or a marketing campaign you had a prominent role in creating?

How to Create a QR Code

QR codes can be created using a variety of tools such as Google’s URL shortener ( or Rebrandly URL shortener, but if you’re firmly ensconced in Camp Twitter, then marketing careers are similarly just a click away. Showcase your skills by tweeting a video of your PowerPoint presentation that shows exactly why you should be hired is one alternative. Scan marketing recruiters’ Twitter pages to keep ahead of the creative curve and retweet their messages to demonstrate a keen interest. Using the web to network your profile has never been easier.

While the number of marketing vacancies will fluctuate, as with any industry, creativity and flair are assets that will always be in demand. Link your YouTube page in your Twitter and QR code and create a video resumé addressed to the hiring manager who’s in your sights.


Use technology to your advantage, but don’t let it define you: ultimately it’s you, the person, rather than you, the binary code that will convince an employer of your worth.

If you’re bereft of ideas and relevant experience, the niftiest gadgets in the world won’t be able to hide the gaping holes in your cv.  In the fickle world of marketing, however, success is dependent upon staying one step ahead of the competition.  Use technology to your advantage, but don’t sell it to your new employer – sell yourself.

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