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In today’s competitive job market, jobseekers are getting increasingly creative with the way they conduct their job searches.  People are posting Facebook ads, building online relationships with employers, using social networking websites, job boards, search engines, and recently, job referral tools and platforms.

For all parties involved, the referral system is unquestionably beneficial.  Employers get reliable workers, recruiters save time and money finding candidates, the referrers are rewarded, and the jobseekers are hired faster.  In fact:

  • 46% of all hires at top performing firms are referrals (Dr. John Sullivan and Associates)
  • 51% of employers and recruiters said the recruiting process is less expensive for referrals (Jobvite)
  • The most common range of employee bonuses who refer hired candidates is between $1,000 – $2,500 (Jobvite)
  • The hiring process is 55% faster for referred candidates than for those found on a career site (Jobvite)

People are catching on to this trend of using referrals as a fast track pass to a new job, and now there are websites and platform to help do just that.  Jobs With Friends, Barrel of Jobs, Employee Buddy, and Hire My Friend, are just a few examples.

  • Jobs With Friends by CareerCloud is unique and helpful because it helps leverage users’ networks by displaying a centralized dashboard listing their connections’ employers.  Buttons like “Ask for a referral”, and “View Jobs” allow users to send messages asking for referrals about open jobs at their companies, found using
  • Barrel of Jobs has combined the ideas of a job board with social networking.  Users connect their networks, browse and post jobs, and then share the available jobs with fellow job-hunters.  The incentive is found in the referral bonus that you might receive in exchange for helping a friend.
  • Employee Buddy: A matchmaker site for jobseekers and referrers.  This site allows jobseekers to connect with company employees as opposed to recruiters.  Jobseekers create profiles and market themselves to employees, who browse through and refer strong candidates in hopes of earning that bonus.
  • Hire My Friend offers a twist  by offering an anonymous job search for those looking for a safe and quiet way to job-hunt.  With the tagline “Get a little help from your friends…”, it lets jobseekers ask their friends to spread the word that they are in the market for a new job by recommending them to employers, without revealing their identity until a company is interested.

If your current job hunt strategies and efforts aren’t working, it might just be time to consider using one of the above tools.  Because referred candidates are 3-4 more times likely to be hired (CareerXroads), consider reaching out to your connections—friends, family, professional acquaintances, anyone who is able to help you out.

Beyond leveraging your connections, it is important to stress the power of networking, because with it might just come a referral for your future job.

This article is by Christine O’Dea, CareerCloud Intern

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Good luck in your search.

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