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Pandemic affects every sphere of life, therefore the education sector is not an exception. Due to the high spread of COVID-19, schools and colleges can be seen shut down in almost every part of the world.

Still, the learning process keeps ongoing. Mentors and students shifted with emerging technology and chose an online platform for learning. YouTube gets high popularity and helps learners not to consider 2020 as a zero year for studies. Learners, whether studying in schools, colleges, or preparing for competitive exams can grab information from lots of resources.

Why should you choose YouTube for e-learning?

In a survey conducted in 2019, it was found that YouTube has 2 billion users and among them, 75% have their own YouTube account. Nearly 8/10 marketers consider YouTube as the most effective platform for video marketing. Therefore, students get a vast variety of resources to compare and contrast to find the relevant results. Even the mentors can find great knowledge and information about the topic that they will be going to teach during online classes.

YouTube gets high popularity and helps learners not to consider 2020 as a zero year for studies. Learners, whether studying in schools, colleges, or preparing for competitive exams can grab information from lots of resources.Click To Tweet

These days, creating webinars are also trending that assists the learners as reference tools. Learners who want to refresh their memories can review content before exams to get enough material for writing. Moreover, users can watch the video several times to understand every concept deeply.

YouTube offers a vast variety of interactive videos for every learner. This write-up will share a detail of how you can transform your learning with an online media platform.

  • Vast Variety of tutorial with simplified tasks

The video-sharing platform has vast varieties of more engaging and immersive content for their target audience. Whether you are an educator or learner, you can go through a broad range of topics from kindergarten teachings to resolving repairing issues at the workplace. Even the best part is that online videos assist in reducing the learner’s budget drastically. You have to buy a smartphone or laptop and start learning with an internet connection. It also helps the tutor who has a camera facing shyness that without a facing camera they can guide them with relevant videos content.

There is another advantage that if you don’t get task-related videos, you can create an online video and share your video there. This could be another source of income if you start getting relevant traffic. This approach is basically ideal for complicated components that require visual presentation to understand. If you want to test and try, you can also take online demo classes to check their presentation scenario.

  • A list of Must-see YouTube Resources

In addition to a list of Youtube videos, you can also create a list of other useful information. Users can watch these videos in their own time. They just need to add a specific keyword in the search bar and a click can land on your resource. Users can also take the benefit of the loop to repeat your video without using the repeat option. Most parents and mentors use this loop option to ensure their child or learner must stick to one valuable video.

YouTube offers an option of organizing videos based on category, task, skill, or department. It helps the learner to rapidly find the relevant videos. You can also encourage the learner to add your video to the list or share it with other peers to take advantage.

  • Live online training events

YouTube comes to a platform where you cannot only share your video but can also interact with customers or learners online. Yes, it is true, just like other social media platforms, youtube also provides an opportunity to account holders to conduct online classes. Later on, the video can be uploaded on account/channel for the users who missed the interaction. This helps the users to ask questions during live sessions and get their answers.

There are also various tools that assist in adding effects, captions, or remove clips that are no longer relevant to customers/learners. You can also keep or remove the comments section to avoid disturbance for users.

  • Mobile-friendly eLearning videos

These days, everyone is using a mobile phone, hence it becomes crucial for video uploaders to add a mobile-friendly video. It also helps in creating a wider user reach. Mobile-friendly devices like mobile phones, tablets, and wearable tech gadgets can be used anywhere and anytime to watch videos. Remember, do not forget to give access to the volume control button. For example, if the learner is sitting in the office, a person can watch the video with a mute option. This will not disturb others.

On the other hand, if your users or learners are physically challenged, add the captions option on your video. This will enable them to understand what message or information you want to convey to them. Keep in mind, sometimes auto-generated cations do not present accurate results. So, check it or generate it on your own to serve error-free outcomes.

  • Encourage online learners to design their own YouTube presentations.

Learning is not a one-way process, similarly creating videos and sharing them on an online portal can be two-sided. Not only mentors can create videos but can encourage their students to create their own videos on specific topics. This helps in boosting their morale and even they will learn more. Students will go through all possible resources to create a more informative video for an online account. This improves their learning skills and knowledge.

Once the video will be finished, students will share it with their peers to get feedback and scope for improvement. Therefore, it’s a two-way learning process that not only encourages students but also their peers to know more about the topic and its relevance.


During the lockdown, YouTube becomes an ideal choice for students as well as mentors as the best learning platform. Users just need to spend a few bits of internet data and can get all types of information on their hands. So, why are you lagging behind, take the advantage of youtube e-learning and serve your learners at their home.

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