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The Top 10 Low-stress Jobs

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Woman at the libraryIf you’re constantly stressed out at work it might be time for a career change. The American Institute of Stress found that 40 percent of workers find their jobs very or extremely stressful. Your current place of employment can also be reducing your years of life since job stress is typically associated with health complaints more often than financial or family problems. Decrease your daily stress by searching for jobs that have opportunities for growth, a positive environment, low health risks and fair pay.

1. Audiologist

For those in the medical field, becoming an audiologist will be a welcome change. The prime responsibility of this role is to discover the nature and degree of hearing functions. The work environment typically involves elderly clients and flexible hours.

  • Level of education required: Doctoral degree
  • Median salary: $72,559

2. Multimedia Artist

A multimedia artist’s responsibilities are focused on developing online multimedia such as graphics, animation and video. There is some collaboration involved with others but this position usually involves a heavy amount of solitary work. Knowledge of technology and an artist’s eye are a must.

Photo by Simon Zirkunow via Flickr

  • Level of education required: Bachelor’s degree
  • Median salary: $61,370

3. Librarian

A perfect job for those that prefer a quiet workplace. This job, however, is not completely devoid of stress. You’ll have to deal with tight budgets and providing customer service to sometimes cranky patrons. Yet, if you love being surrounded by books and understand the value of libraries, these won’t feel like stressors.

  • Level of education required: Master’s degree
  • Median salary: $59,398

4. Tenured University Professor

University professors who manage to obtain a permanent job contract have the No. 1 least stressful job, according to a CareerCast report. Some perks are a high number of days off and few deadlines.

Photo by HBS1908 via Wikimedia Commons

  • Level of education required: Doctoral degree
  • Median salary: $110,488

5. Seamstress/Tailor

If you’re a detail-oriented, creative individual, becoming a seamstress or tailor could be a viable option. Seamstresses and tailors work in a peaceful, quiet environment with relatively few stressors. To succeed in this field you’ll need to have excellent sewing, tailoring and customer service skills. If this sounds like a job you’d enjoy but would prefer a faster pace you can apply to be a tailoring consultant for clothing retailers like Burberry on

  • Level of education required: High school diploma
  • Median salary: $27,223

6. Jeweler

A jeweler’s job consists of cutting precious stones and shaping metal into jewelry. The job is balanced between interacting with clients and working alone. Fatigue and stress can occur if long periods of time are spent bent over, however, this is easily avoided by using ergonomically correct workbenches.

Photo by JMR_Photography via Flickr

  • Level of education required: Professional certification
  • Median salary: $37,158

7. Dietitian

Dietitians focus on battling obesity. Their day consists of working with patients of different ages to curb unhealthy habits and create a specialized diet based on their needs. This position has minimal travel and is moderately paced.

  • Level of education required: Bachelor’s degree
  • Median salary: $55,875

8. freelance writer

Choosing to be self-employed always has the potential to be less stressful. A freelance writer position is ideal for those who love writing and have the ability to meet strict deadlines. Flexible work hours and the ability to choose projects are the pros of this job.

Photo by Ed Yourdon via Flickr

  • Level of education required: Bachelor’s degree
  • Median salary: $55,940 (varies widely)

9. Medical Records Technician

This position is for those interested in working behind the scenes in a health care setting. Avoid the stress that comes with being a nurse or a doctor and continue to help others by becoming a medical records technician.

  • Level of education required: Professional certification
  • Median salary: $31,407

10. Drill Press Operator

Working with heavy machinery is considered dangerous, but because this position allows the operators to work at his or her own pace, stress is typically low. Being a drill press operator is also one of the most desirable careers in the manufacturing industry, states CareerCast.

Photo by exquisitur via Flickr

  • Entry-level education: Professional certification
  • Median salary: $36,196

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Originally from New York, Brandon is a freelance writer currently going to school for his master’s in psychology.

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