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Looking For a Career Change? Five Growing Industries in Nevada

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It’s safe to say that nearly all of us have had to do a lot of rethinking these past months. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic prompted lockdowns and work from home mandates, which gave everyone more time than they had had in a long time. In turn, it jumpstarted many changes in careers as people found the time to explore and find something they truly loved doing. 

Maybe that’s also true for you, and you’ve found your career calling and finally know what you want to be doing. Or perhaps you’re feeling that uneasy sensation inside that’s pushing you to test your boundaries and find something else to fulfill you. If that’s the case, then here’s a list of five rapidly growing industries in Nevada that could offer you the opportunity to find a stable position in an industry you also love. 

If you are looking to test your boundaries and find something else to fulfill you, then here’s a list of five rapidly growing industries in Nevada that could offer you the opportunity to find a stable position in an industry you also love. Click To Tweet


For those who are looking for a long-term career opportunity, there is always a demand for skilled workers in the fields of manufacturing, research, and within medical facilities. Using basic principles of engineering, a bioengineer’s workday largely consists of both designing and building computer systems and software, medical devices, and even artificial body parts and organs.

A career in bioengineering can be an incredibly rewarding prospect, with the median income in this industry approaching nearly $100,000 annually. Furthermore, the entry requirements for this industry are fairly low, with most employers only expecting a bachelor’s degree from applicants. A general understanding of mathematics — as well as a problem-solving mindset and familiarity with liquid liquid mixing and other similar industrial concepts — can make this a lucrative option

Restaurant Cooks

A passion for cooking can lead to a stellar career in an industry that is always growing. With eating out and takeout dining becoming ingrained into modern culture, a job as a cook is a good way to get some experience under your belt for a career as a chef. From casual dining to more fancy Michelin-starred establishments, there are prospects for all aspiring chefs out there.

Salaries approaching $50,000 a year and no educational credentials necessary make this an attractive option for those looking to make a quick shift to something they’re passionate about. Attention to detail and immaculate hygiene will also take anyone a long way in the food industry. As an added bonus, a good aesthetic sense can also help serve to accelerate a rewarding track in this career.

Operations Research Analyst

Data is everything in today’s world. Business analytics is having its heyday and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to grow out of its popularity any time soon. And this is for good reason, too: data allows businesses to find avenues for optimization, which increases efficiency, and therefore profits. If you’re someone who solves complex problems to find the most efficient solution, then a bachelor’s degree is enough to find a job as an operations research analyst

For veterans of the armed forces, this career is an especially fantastic option, as some employers may require a background check prior to hiring. Nonetheless, the prospects are also quite bright, with salaries reaching as high as $113,000 annually. Anyone who is mathematically or logically oriented would find themselves right at home, as well as having fun in the process, as an operations research analyst

Medical Appliance Technicians

A good way to find fulfillment in your career is to make one out of serving people. Although it might not be very obvious at first glance, there are many ways of doing that other than becoming medical practitioners or volunteering. One option is to become a medical appliance technician. These trained specialists ensure the well-functioning of medical supportive devices such as braces, prosthetic devices, and other similar products. 

A medical appliance technician also constructs, maintains, and repairs such devices, in addition to making sure that they are curated to the specifications of each patient. The job involves handiwork and, as such, does not necessitate advanced educational qualifications. Instead, it provides training to selected candidates. With salaries up to $60,000 yearly, this option offers a good balance between income and lasting career satisfaction.

Biological Scientist

One of the most important facets of modern society is the research and development that drives technological advances we are so used to hearing about every day. Research is also highly gratifying for those who have an inner drive to continuously learn more about the world. It can be a frustrating experience because the gains are scattered far apart in time, but when they come, they bring an unmatched satisfaction. 

And research in the biological sciences can be especially rewarding, given how much potential there is for helping humanity. Bachelor’s level qualifications are a great way to kickstart a career in research. Salaries up to $95,000 ensure a stable income with a fulfilling job. Regardless of what career you decide, however, there are many career opportunities in Nevada for those looking to make a change. This non-exhaustive list is a good place to start for those who’re seeking inspiration to start somewhere, allowing you to find both the job stability and the satisfaction you seek.


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