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10 Benefits of Choosing a Career in the HVAC Field

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Although unemployment is a serious problem in America today, there are a number of career sectors that show no signs of slowing down. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), commercial and residential building construction is expected to drive employment growth, and job opportunities for HVACR technicians are expected to be good. The BLS has also predicted a 4% increase in the number of HVACR positions available by 2029. In uncertain economic times, a career in heating and cooling technology can be a valuable guarantee of job security. The industry continues to grow and create new positions for qualified technicians.

Who Gets Hired in HVAC

Every new piece of HVAC technology calls for a large team of people, including installers, technicians, salespeople, fleet managers, HR managers, and service managers. Even during slow economic times, the HVAC industry is a necessary and diverse part of the national economy. As green technologies and environmental concerns become more popular, those specialized areas are also enjoying additional growth. The sector offers a variety of positions for people at different levels of training. Developing a single HVAC product involves hundreds of people at different levels. Engineering, building, production, marketing, and sales are all crucial parts of the process. Whatever your interests are, there may be a niche for them in this growing industry.

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Diverse Occupations in the HVAC Industry

A strong background in HVAC technology can be a gateway to jobs –  As more wireless components are used in heating and cooling systems, people are becoming experts in electronic temperature control technologies. Service and sales careers demand extensive knowledge of the products being used. Temperature control is a growing global industry, which offers all sorts of ongoing opportunities to specialists who are smart and ambitious.

In uncertain economic times, a career in heating and cooling technology can be a valuable guarantee of job security. Take a look at this exciting job - HVACRClick To Tweet

The stability of the industry has a positive outlook, as long as people want to stay comfortable at 72 degrees Fahrenheit, there will be a demand for heating and cooling technology.

Long-Term Opportunities for HVAC Careers

A candidate may start a career as a dispatcher or technician, then gain additional education as they make progress within the industry. They may end up designing new HVACR products themselves or working on the blueprints of advanced heating and cooling electronics. HVACR has stood the test of time as a powerful recession-proof career, which is highly rewarding for a wide variety of workers. Have you considered training in this field? On-the-job learning is a popular choice for people who want to get to work right away while acquiring valuable job skills. Apprenticeships and educational opportunities are only a phone call away.

Top 10 Benefits of Choosing a Career in the HVACR Field

When HVACR specialists were surveyed about their jobs, they reported a high level of satisfaction. These are ten of the benefits they mentioned:

  • HVACR is a fast-growing niche that rewards experience and specialized skills.
  • The work is highly challenging, involving cutting-edge new technologies.
  • Your skills can be used to help people live more efficient and comfortable lives.
  • Pay is highly competitive, and career growth is almost unlimited.
  • The industry is stable and driven by vast opportunities.
  • As older technicians retire, there is a strong demand for new trainees to take their places.
  • HVACR is a great opportunity to do hands-on work that makes a difference for customers.
  • Innovations are developing in the HVACR field every year, making it an exciting growth field for people interested in the latest heating and cooling techniques.
  • This is a job that can’t be outsourced or sent offshore. It demands local professionals with a high level of expertise, which translates to high job security.
  • Heating and cooling is a largely recession-proof sector!
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