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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier…Lawyer?

Choosing what you want to be is as difficult at aged 4 as it is at aged 24. We’re talking about doing something for you for the rest of your life that will earn you money and make you feel fulfilled and happy. The biggest problem that the education system has today is the pressure it puts on young people to decide who they want to be. We go from kindergarten to college constantly being asked what we want to do with our lives.

Thankfully, education has evolved to the point that it doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are in life, you can retrain, relearn and redo anything you choose to do and start again if you so wish. There was a time where everyone wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer, but now the opportunities are far greater. Working in medicine spans everything from nursing to surgery programmes available at different establishments to study within. Being a lawyer can take you anywhere from a niche role like a construction accident lawyer, to being a barrister who is standing in court for someone on a daily basis. There is so much more to life than choosing one specific career and sticking with it. You could start out on the path as a solicitor and choose to study some more to be a fully-fledged judge one day. The sky is literally the limit.

When you think about your future career, you should feel excited and alive. You should feel like you can take on the world and win because you’re secure. The thing is, you could get to college, start out on the degree path that takes you to your dream job and end up hating what you’re learning. Does this mean you are stuck? No. This means that the reality and the dream are truly two very different things. You can take it upon yourself to swap from your degree to a totally different choice. You could even decide to do a trade like building work. The career you choose in high school isn’t necessarily the one that you stick to your whole life. There’s such a thing as having too many passions; you want to do and be everything and anything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t study everything and anything.

Your career doesn’t always define who you are. There are certain qualities that are suited to some careers and not others, of course, but your choices that you are pushed to make can help you maximise your qualities. Whether you choose to be a tinker, tailor, soldier or lawyer, the job you choose to do for the rest of your career doesn’t have to be the only one. Taking in some careers advice is going to be essential in your future prospects, so always seek the appropriate help before making decisions that could put you on a path you don’t necessarily enjoy.

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