The Job Interview Thank You Letter

By Enid Naranjo, JD
Associate Professor, School of Business at American Public University

The hardest part of the job application process is the actual interview. Once it is completed, you may think it’s the perfect time to sit back and take a big sigh of relief, but it’s not time to relax just yet! The job interview thank you letter is one of the best ways to show your professionalism and ensure that all the effort you have applied to the application process will not go unnoticed.

Here is how you can dot your last “i” and cross your “t” with a simple show of job-hunting etiquette.

Why send a thank you note after a job interview?

The thank you note is a great demonstration that you have social skills and, more importantly, it showcases your ability to write fluently. In essence, it’s the opportunity to showcase a skillset that is important for most jobs.

It also provides the opportunity for you to express strong interest in the position and to show appreciation for being considered. A by-product of this simple act is to impress the hiring manager or recruiter you are dealing with. Even if you are not selected as the perfect candidate for the position, you can continue networking for future opportunities with the company.

You can also take this opportunity to add something you may have forgotten to say or ask. You would not be the first person to be mentally kicking yourself after an interview for not bringing up a key point that could help differentiate yourself from other candidates.

When and how should you write this letter?

Immediately! Ideally, you should send a thank you note within two or three days of the job interview. And, if you interviewed with more than one person, be sure that each person you made contact with gets a customized note.

Should it be an email or hard copy?

While you may feel compelled to send a quick email in order to expedite your efforts, a hard copy goes a long way in helping you to stand apart. Don’t forget to collect everyone’s business card as you are going through the interview process.

If you had an in person interview, your thank you letter should be hard copy. If you know that the person who interviewed you won’t have access to postal mail in a timely way (for example, if they are traveling), you can send a thank you email as well as the snail mail copy.

If you were interviewed by phone or video or if your prospective employer has specifically expressed a preference for email, then that is the most appropriate form of contact.

Whether you are working towards an entry-level opportunity into a new career or seeking an enhanced employment situation that will work better for your life, sending a dynamite thank you letter will help to put you on the fast track to success.

About the Author: Enid Naranjo is a multi-faceted business executive with over 15 years of experience in brand marketing, community outreach and public relations. She has worked for several women led enterprises including Hispanic Radio Network and Colon Enterprises, Inc. and is an avid small business enthusiast, and enjoys providing legal counsel to budding entrepreneurs.

This article from was republished with permission.

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