Nail the Interview

How To Prepare For a Job Application

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The process of applying for a new job can be quite daunting and stressful, but if you are organized and patient, there is no reason why you can not find the job of your dreams. 

Update Your Resume

It is a good idea before you apply to any job applications to go through your resume each time you see a job opening you like.  

Do Your Research

As with any job application, knowing what the prospective job involves and what necessary qualifications and skills you will need will be important. Without these, you will not know what the job entails and whether it is indeed suitable for you. It will also help you effectively prepare should you be called in for an interview or are having a zoom chat, if you are successful. You want to create a positive impression on the prospective employer to demonstrate you are suitable for the role. 

Do You Want to Return to Studying as Well?

Knowing whether you will pursue your studies such as applying for a yale law school essay will help determine what sort of job you would like to do in the meantime and whether it will fit into your study schedule. There is not much point in applying for a job, only to find that the hours will not suit you. 

It's a good idea before you submit any job application to go through your resume and see what needs to be added in terms of qualifications or any previous job experience. Keeping your resume all up to date will make the job application process a lot quickerClick To Tweet

Be Honest and Open

Although it may be tempting to elaborate information on your resume, it is only going to catch you out later on in the interview process, if you lie about your skills and qualifications. So always be honest on your application and be yourself. The employer wants to see the real you and not an imposter. 

Have Confidence In Yourself

You want to show your skills off to the employer whose job you are applying to. Therefore having some self confidence in yourself and believing you can achieve it will provide you with the necessary boost you need. Try not to compare yourself to other candidates and have faith in yourself that you are capable of fulfilling the role and can use your current skills to apply to this new role. 

“So many applications, so little time. Many recruiters and companies use software to help them focus on the best matching applications. You should ensure that your resume and cover letter (see below) have the keywords that closely match the job description. This may require that you have multiple versions of your resume (see perfect resume).” – 5 Tips for Landing an Interview with an Online Job Application

Keep Your Options Open

You might have several job avenues in which you would like to explore. It is a good idea to keep your options open so that you are not too disheartened if one of the job applications you applied for did not work out. This might also help you realise what you would actually like to pursue as a career. 

What's next?

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