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Why You Should Include Video in Your Job Application

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Organizations today register very high numbers of applicants whenever there is an advertised vacant position, thanks to the high numbers of job seekers. Until recently, companies employed written communication to establish a dialogue with the applicants. With luck, you could end up for a personal interview where the organization can get a better picture of the candidate beyond the CV. 

Visual interaction enables you to demonstrate more aspects of your personality and abilities than could be captured on paper. Unlike the standard resume, videos allow hiring managers to screen applicants better by analyzing their personality, creativity, and presentation skills.

You can use technology to help get an audience with recruiters. Video editing software will help you get the best video presentation to win the recruiters’ hearts. See below why you should include a video in your job application. 

The Overall View

Resume screening emphasizes education background and professional experience. Unfortunately, this is limiting as it does not portray the candidate’s personality and whether they can culturally fit well in the company. Many applicants pray for a chance to get to the interview level to display their skills. Personal interviews open the door to an exchange that can benefit both the applicant and recruiter.

Visual interaction enables you to demonstrate more aspects of your personality and abilities than could be captured on paperClick To Tweet

It is impossible to get a 360-degree view of a job seeker solely based on the cover letter and resume. Through video, you can present your more authentic side comfortably. Using videos in the recruitment process allows the recruiters to look beyond your credentials and know you at a deeper level, which is impossible to pick from only the cover letter and resume.

Also, videos allow you to appear before the recruiters, giving you a higher chance to present yourself and convince the hiring team

More Effective Screening

According to most recruiters, screening CVs and cover letters is tedious and time-consuming. Videos help to identify the best-fitting candidates more efficiently. Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words as they offer more substantial clues. 

Through a video presentation, you can articulately convince the recruiters. You have a chance to present your character and educational level. Video allows hiring managers to see your oral communication and language skills, which is impossible in written resumes. When doing a video for a job application, present some of your hidden gems like the sense of humor and oratory skills that a resume cannot capture. 

Collaborative Hiring 

Team members partake in the screening process better with the video as the recorded content allows recruiters to review the submissions at their convenience and comfort. More decision-makers can review the video and be part of the decision-making process. 

When multiple team members participate in the early stages of the hiring process, they will get a broader conception of the applicants’ cultural fit in the organization. Another advantage of having more members participate in the hiring process is that it limits the unconscious bias in the recruitment process. 

Collaborative hiring opens up transparency which reduces the risk of prejudice. This allows you a fair opportunity to contest for the open position, free from discrimination.


A video presentation allows you to present more information to your recruiter through the pre-selection phase. You get a chance to show your human side using emotions, tone, and other expressions. 

In a few minutes, you get to put your voice, face, and energy into your CV, allowing you to show your communication skills and pass across the most relevant factors. It is impossible to demonstrate most of the soft skills in writing. 

Using the video presentation opportunity well to show your strengths can give you a competitive advantage over other candidates.

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