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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think, act, and work. To prevent the spread of the virus, many companies allowed their employees to work remotely. In fact, a recent study by Stanford University found that 27% of paid full-time days were worked from home in early 2023.

This trend is likely to continue, as many employees have found that they can be just as productive, if not more productive, working from home. In addition, remote work can offer a number of benefits for both employees and employers.

If you’ve always thought about working remotely, now it’s high time to accomplish this goal. More and more employers are looking for remote workers, so there’s a high chance that you can find your dream job.
Of course, you need to know what to look for. Some positions are more suitable for remote work than the others – you still can’t work as a hairdresser online (and probably never will). Several industries, however, can provide you with a steady income from home. Often, you don’t even need higher education to fill most of those positions, just the necessary knowledge! That’s an excellent opportunity to switch to something new and more exciting.

So, are you ready to work from home? Here are the top 6 remote jobs in 2021.

The number of remote positions is growing: a recent study has shown that even 1 in 4 Americans is working from home in 2021. So, if you’ve always thought about working remotely, now it’s high time to accomplish this goalClick To Tweet

Mortgage and Real Estate

Experts from The Pattisall Group – a real estate agency in South Carolina – have told us that remote work in this industry can be very beneficial to employees. Flexible work hours, less time spent on commuting, savings on business expenses – those are just the main ones.

Of course, just like with any remote position, there are several drawbacks: fewer interactions with colleagues, more distractions, and isolation – but if you learn to deal with them, this can be your step to a more comfortable life.

Writing and Translation

Content always matters, and there’s nothing strange that the demand for good copywriters and editors is sky-high. Creating original content, updating it, and proofreading – are just a few of the main tasks you’ll take care of in this industry.

And if you’re a translator, there are even more possibilities. Written translation and online interpreting, marketing, business, and medical translations – the demand is high for all of them. You can work online globally or stay in one geographical area where there’s a high demand for good translators. After you spend some time on research, you will find out that there’s a huge demand for, e.g., Cambridge translation services, though Cambridgeshire is by no means the only region where you might find a lot of remote translation job offers.


The pandemic made many people consider therapy, and many therapists switched to online sessions. Because of that, therapy became more accessible and more convenient. It’s also a less costly option both for the patients and the specialists who don’t have to rent office space anymore if they choose to work exclusively online. 

For the therapists, it also became easier to find clients – you don’t have to have to be located in a popular area anymore.

Digital Marketing and Graphic Design

Digital marketing is booming today. By many, it’s considered one of the best remote jobs in 2021 and one of the easiest. While the latter statement is not true at all – marketing is not as simple as it may seem – it definitely is exceptionally comfortable to work remotely in the industry. And there’s a place for everyone! E-commerce, content marketing, SEO, SMM, graphic design – you can choose any area you want and work directly from your sofa.

Accounting and Finance

Every company needs a good accountant, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stay at the office all day. Accountants don’t work directly with clients, so if you have good self-organization skills, a remote job may be extremely beneficial for you. After all, you’re not losing time getting to and from work every day, and coffee at home always tastes better.


And of course, we couldn’t forget about IT. One of the fastest-developing industries in the world offers most of its specialists a well-paid remote job. When you have the necessary skills and a little experience, you’ll easily get a remote job if you want one, especially if you consider the pace at which the automation of many other industries is moving.

The Job of Your Dreams

Working remotely has its own set of challenges: first and foremost, you need to have excellent self-organization skills. However, it can also be a very comfortable job, as you work whenever and wherever you want. And now that social distancing has made remote work popular as never before, it’s not that challenging to find a position you want. 

Whether you want to be a real estate agent, a translator, an SMM manager, or a software developer, everything is possible. Just make sure to have the skills and knowledge necessary for the position – and start looking for the experience! Your dream job is somewhere out there – and if you want, you’ll get it.

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