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Knowing Your Rights and Not Getting Taken Advantage Of

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Most jobs will do their absolute best to treat you as you deserve to be treated. These are the jobs that you can go into every day with a smile on your face; have a chat with coworkers by the water cooler or at lunch, and allow you to go home at 5 PM (or earlier) and not have to worry about work until you get in the next day.

o you know your rights as an employee? If not, you could unwittingly become the victim of discrimination at work or suffer from having your rights violated.

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However, there are some jobs that aren’t so great. While it can be easy for those of us on the outside to say ‘Just quit’, those in these kinds of jobs know that it is never that easy. Getting taken advantage of at work can have disastrous effects on your health, your finances, and your relationships. Because of this, it is essential that you understand your rights and no when things are not okay.


Accidents do happen, and sometimes there is little that can be done about them. Most of the time it depends on the type of job you are doing. If you work in construction or other labor-intensive careers, then you will expect to get hurt every now and again. If you work in an office, the risk of injury goes drastically down, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Whatever your profession though, you want to ensure that you remain as safe as you can and if you do get injured, you will be treated with the proper respect and those culpable will take responsibility. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and if you or someone you know has been hurt at work but aren’t getting the treatment you require, then speaking with HR and perhaps higher can ease this pain.


You might feel that you don’t get paid enough for what you do. The problem with a structured salary job is that any extra responsibilities are often ignored when it comes to compensation for your time.

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Managers and bosses too often get away with working their employees into the ground and neglect to show appreciation, expecting that their workers will do it for the good of the company. This is a classic case of them taking advantage of you and others, and if this sounds familiar, you might want to evaluate how much you are worth to the company.


With extra responsibilities comes extra time spent at the office or even working after you get home. The always-on culture that has emerged since we were all contactable by email or messaging means that those in charge don’t see a problem with asking you to finish a report as you are eating your dinner or spending time with your family.

This can have awful repercussions on your family life as you find yourself spending less time with them, and more pouring over your computer well into the night. The stress associated with the always-on culture does not just affect you, but your family, also. Employees are often too scared to say no at the risk of incurring their manager’s wrath, but time at home should be time at home, and if you are not getting paid for it, you shouldn’t have to do it.


Understanding what sort of practices are and are not okay might make finding a job that much more challenging, but you shouldn’t let your health and relationships suffer for any job at all. You don’t have to like what you do, but you should be treated with the respect you deserve.

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