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Public vs. Charter Schools: 5 Differences to Note


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You always want the best for your child and that means you will be looking at their educational options in order to decide whether charter or public schools are the best way to go.

The problem that many parents have is there is often a lot of confusion between public charter schools and traditional public schools and it is not always easy to understand the fundamental differences between the two.

If you search for the best charter schools Utah, for instance, you will be able to see some useful information that could help you to make your decision. What could also help your search and allow you to make an informed decision is to appreciate the key differences between public and charter schools.

Different regulatory structures

One of the most noticeable differences between charter and public schools is that charter schools tend to be a lot more flexible and not so highly regulated as their public counterparts.

Public schools are more bureaucratic. This means that a charter school can change and adopt new learning programs without so much red tape. This could benefit your child as their learning experience could be more personalized, especially when charter schools are more capable of offering self-paced coursework.

Funding is a big issue

Although both types of schools receive a level of public funding it is common for a charter school to also receive a certain amount of private funding.

A public school will often receive more public funding than a charter school. However, a charter school that is very proactive in raising private funding will often enjoy a greater overall level of annual funding.

That means a charter school may have a higher level of per-student funding available to spend each year.

Discipline and regulations are just as important to both

A common misconception is that charter schools are not subjected to as many regulations as public schools.

It is actually the case that charter school regulation is equally as stringent as public schools. Both need to abide by national laws and state mandates. The reason for the confusion is that many decisions are often taken at a local level with a charter school. They are no less regulated as a result of this, it is just a slightly more localized process.

You always want the best for your child and that means you will be looking at their educational options in order to decide whether charter or public schools are the best way to go.Click To Tweet

Different enrollment and admissions process

Both types of schools offer enrollment that is free to the public. However, charter schools often have capped admission.

This means that class sizes are likely to be more limited compared to a public school.

Charter schools are often better equipped when it comes to online learning programs

Many public schools are now embracing the concept of online learning but a good percentage of charter schools tend to be ahead of the curve because they have been delivering an online learning environment for a number of years.

When you are deciding whether your child would be better suited to what a charter school has to offer compared to a public school it would be a good idea to note these key differences so that you can make a more informed educational choice.

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