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Private Tutor Selection Made Easy; Tips to choose the best

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Children’s education is of utmost importance for the parents. Perhaps, that is why you also try to invest so much money in the tutoring of your child. You look for the top-notch schools, private tutors and embrace the latest technologies. All this to ensure that your child doesn’t remain bereft of anything that can hamper them in reaching their goals in life.

Now, imagine even after all these efforts your child doesn’t receive the best learning. You might think it is not very probable. Sadly, you are mistaken and surprisingly you are not the first one to do so.

Every now and then this happens when parents think their children are on the right track in terms of receiving education. However, they forget that just by hiring a tutor their responsibility doesn’t get evaded. This is also true for you.

Keeping this in mind here some of the things have been highlighted. These are to help you choose the finest tutors and tutoring programs out of the innumerable options available.

Understanding the need

The penetration of modern technologies such as smartphones, tablets, etc. in a child’s life has changed the overall scenario. Unlike your times, kids of today are more outright in their approach towards everything including learning. This has created a need to understand what they want or what they expect from their teacher. This microlearning way is possible only if you consider your child’s requirement.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Each and every child is different
  • The grasping capability of every kid is not the same
  • Never push your child for performance
  • Let the kids explore themselves

Tutoring Program Structure

The selection process of a teaching program is a challenge in itself. Since you are not an expert, therefore you do not know the different types of teaching methods. However, you can ask about them from Integral Learning Academy, use reputable online tutoring marketplaces like Preply, or any other place.

Take a look at some of the tips pointed out below:

  • Do not forget to check the credentials of the respective tutor
  • Try to understand the teaching methods applied, such as the heuristic method or student-centered
  • Participative way of learning should be preferred
  • Know about the capacity of students in one session
  • Make sure the child’s schedule is given priority
  • Progress Report of the student is shared regularly
Children’s education is of utmost importance for the parents. Perhaps, that is why you also try to invest so much money in the tutoring of your child.Click To Tweet

Performance Record

The world has become highly competitive and to thrive in it the performance of your kid matters. For this, you need to determine that the record of the tutor you are hiring is good or not. If you want your child to excel in their studies then do not ignore this point. You can easily do the analysis by checking what other parents have to say about it. In fact, these days many tutoring programs are structured in such a way that you can get to know the satisfaction level of other parents.

Ensure Child’s Safety

Child abuse at the hands of teachers is not an exception. It persists in the world and you need to be vigilant about it. It is your duty to ascertain that you leave your child in safe hands. Many private tutoring centers do take care of it. Still, you need to check it from your end too. It is better if you have an idea of the tutor’s police record. You may also check references in this respect.

Tutoring Milestone Analysis

Usually, tutors have a fixed set of goals to achieve. Sometimes they consult you while planning it and many times they do not. However, it is good for the interest of your child if you become a part of this decision. According to many teaching aptitude experts, it is highly beneficial for your child if this formulation of learning targets is done in a bespoke manner. You may give your feedback and the tutor can incorporate the changes accordingly.

Grievance Redress Point

The chances of your child facing problems with a tutoring style are high. In such circumstances, it becomes indispensable to consult your issues with the teacher. The problem is sometimes set in that the tutor fails to note your concerns. At this moment, you need to get your worries noted at the academy so that they can take desired actions.

Command on the Subject Matter

An understanding of the subjects depends on the clarity of fundamentals. There are many teachers who know the subject but their base is weak. In such cases, they are not able to make the student comprehend what is the purpose of their learning.

Relating the subject to the present life is essential for a tutor. Only then a particular topic makes sense to a child’s brain. For instance, mathematics is a subject in which mostly all kids struggle. The simple process of addition or subtraction becomes a challenge for many kids. However, when a student is taught with illustrations then it all becomes easier and simple to grasp.

Communicative Skills

Effective communication depends profusely on the skills of the tutor to express their views. An understanding of both verbal and non-verbal communication processes is a necessity for an instructor. The clarity of the message delivered depends on how the teacher is communicating.

Special Provisions for Kids with Learning Disability

There are some students who face challenges in the process of learning. Such students need some extra care. In case your child is similarly sensitive then you ought to ensure that the tutor doesn’t resist repeating lessons for them when needed. Repetition and regular practice of chapters could be a great help.

Options of Online Teaching

Online teaching is an art and not all tutors excel at it. You must make sure that the teacher you are opting for has training in imparting knowledge in the digital mode of teaching. The online sessions if not planned properly and are not interactive then, this will not lead to fruitful results.


In addition to going through the policies of different teaching centers, you also need to do a comparative analysis of fee-structure. It will be imprudent to hire a tutor who charges more for the same service which you can avail at a low cost from some other academy.

Author bio:

Brittney Collins, used to work as a secondary school teacher and retired as school principal. Now, most of her time she’s either in her garden trimming the bushes and caring for her Baobab or writing for blogs and education institutions.

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