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The need for people to work from home, whether they’re freelancers or full-time workers, has never been shown to be as important as during the COVID-19 pandemic. There may not have been an urgent need for it for some businesses or industries before, but there is now. So many countries are feeling the effects of huge portions of the workforce being unable to work from home to keep the economy running. 

Even if the widespread quarantines eventually pass, the damage will be done to the economy and employment. This should also give companies all over the world the reasons to seriously revamp their work-from-home capabilities. Even if they don’t use the capability all the time, or at all, it is crucial that you have the ability to transition your workers to work from home when the situation calls for it. Especially when you consider that this might not be the only time we’re going to have to work from home.

The need for people to work from home, whether they’re freelancers or full-time workers, has never been shown to be as important as during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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About half of the country’s workforce already works online, but there are some jobs that cannot be performed online. It’s during these situations that we need to have a supplementary means of income. One of the most popular sources of supplementary income comes in the form of freelancing. However, it can actually become something much more. How can we make freelancing a sustainable means of income?

Establish A Personal Brand

Freelancing places a heavy emphasis on reputation. And while it’s important and tempting to start working, it’s just as important, if not more so, to dedicate efforts toward establishing your personal brand. A good way to do this is to build a nice, clean website that accurately reflects what type of services you offer. Not only that, but after finishing work for your clients, it’s important to ask for testimonials, which will help increase your trustworthiness in the eyes of future clients.


Be Open To Take On A Variety Of Jobs

While we all have a preference for the type of job we’re going to work and for whom we’re going to work with, if you’re starting out, you may not have such a luxury. Remember that you’re trying to build a reputation, which means that you have to cast a wide net in order to catch more jobs. Not only will you gain reputation quicker this way, but you’d also learn how to perform different types of jobs, which, in turn, would add value to you as a freelancer.

Make Use Of As Many Mediums As Possible

You shouldn’t stop at your website, you should also be able to market yourself through the plethora of platforms that are on the internet. Again, this is akin to casting a wide net, except that it also helps build a loyal base, especially if they truly like what you do. If there’s one thing more valuable than a customer, it’s a returning customer.

Setup Convenient Payment Methods

One of the perks of freelancing is that you get to work with anybody from anywhere in the world. You’re never going to run out of clients (assuming you’ve established your personal brand and you’ve marketed yourself well). However, it’s also important to establish a convenient way for clients to pay you. There are many services and programs such as PayStubs 365 that help make the billing process much easier. There are also payment platforms such as Paypal that help make international transactions much more secure.

The world is changing. We’ve all known about freelancing for so many years now, but with the recent CoronaVirus outbreak, many people now see the true value of freelancing and of working from home. These are some of the most basic, yet more important things to keep in mind if you plan on making freelancing a primary source of income.


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