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Ten Fun Ways to Communicate Your Brand Identity

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Creating a distinct brand identity is important for standing out from the crowd and for telling customers exactly what type of company you are. There are many different ways to communicate your brand identity. By experimenting with different brand features, you could help to create a stronger and more noticeable brand. Below are 10 examples of different ways to communicate your brand identity. 

The most integral part of a brand beyond your brand name is your logo. A logo can help to visually identify your company and make your company more memorable. Most business owners underestimate what it takes to create a great logo – it’s not just a case of finding a symbol related to your industry. In fact, it’s often better to find symbols that communicate your values. A good example is Nike’s swoosh logo, which represents speed and success. A professional designer will be able to help you create a logo. This logo should be displayed within all your marketing.

Create a mascot

A mascot is a fun character that can help bring alive your brand. They can often make mundane everyday products appear more fun, and they are great for making a brand appeal to children. Famous brand mascots include Tony the Tiger, The Michelin Man, and the Kool-Aid Man. Mascots may not be suitable for B2B companies because they may cause your company to be taken less seriously, however, they are a great option for B2C companies. It’s worth hiring a professional designer to come up with a mascot that represents your brand. 

Use the right colors

Color schemes can also be used to help identify your brand, as well as invoke certain emotions. Coca-Cola is a prime example of a brand with an identifying color scheme – red is a very energizing color that perfectly encaptures their product. Consider which color best communicates the value of your brand by doing some research into color psychology. Blue for example typically represents calm and trust and could be ideal for a financial company or tech product. Green can meanwhile represent freshness or environmentalism and is a good option for food companies and eco-friendly products/services. Graphic designers may be able to help you pick out exactly the right hue. 

By experimenting with different brand features, you could help to create a stronger and more noticeable brand. Below are 10 examples of different ways to communicate your brand identity.Click To Tweet

Use the right fonts

When it comes to your logo, online ads, posters, and even your website, it’s worth considering the style of font that you use. Just as colors can suggest different things, so can fonts. There are two main types of font: serif and sans serif. Serif fonts tend to be used for more sophisticated and luxurious products/services. Sans serif fonts are more popular with more simple and everyday products/services. It’s possible to use existing fonts or create your own fonts. Examples of fonts created by brands include Disney’s Waltograph, Google’s Product Sans, and Android’s Roboto. There are services online that you can use for creating your own font. 

Come up with a slogan

Slogans can help to summarise your brand message using a simple, catchy phrase. They’re typically used in adverts and sometimes even printed on product labels. Nike’s ‘Just do it’ KFC’s ‘Finger lickin’ good’ and Airbnb’s ‘Belong anywhere’ are a few notable examples of slogans. Make sure that your slogan is short and snappy, otherwise, it will not be remembered. Slogans can be spoken aloud to a melody to create a ‘jingle’ – these are popular in radio advertising and also in some video adverts. It’s worth hiring specialist companies to help you produce a catchy jingle. 

Develop a distinct tone of voice

Many brands also develop their own tone of voice. This can include certain phrasing and vocabulary used within marketing copy. An identifying tone of voice can help to appeal to a certain audience and provoke certain emotions. A good example is Harley Davidson – their tone of voice is confident and somewhat aggressive to appeal to fellow thrillseekers. Skittles are meanwhile known for totally offbeat humor – their tone of voice captures the fun of their product. Think about who your product is aimed at and the emotions that you want to provoke to help you find the right tone of voice. You may want to create a style guide and hire copywriters who can help you write consistently in this tone of voice. 

Consider your work apparel

The style of your work apparel can also help to communicate what your company values are. Beyond using logos and certain colors, consider the formality of the clothing. For example, asking employees in your restaurant to wear a shirt and tie could communicate that your restaurant is more upmarket. A T-shirt is more casual and could suggest that your restaurant caters more to everyday people. There may also be ways to incorporate certain themes into your uniform such as these sports referee uniforms at Mato & Hash (which could be perfect for a sports bar or sports-themed restaurant). Remember that there is more to a successful uniform than how it looks – your uniform must still be practical to work in and employees should feel comfortable wearing it. 

Be playful with packaging

Unique packaging can also be used to help communicate your brand identity. This can often include using certain color schemes such as the Tiffany blue box or certain logos such as the smile on the Amazon delivery box. However, it’s also possible to communicate your brand identity by considering unique shapes. For example, everyone recognizes the shape of the McDonald’s Happy Meal and the Heinz tomato ketchup bottle. There are drawbacks to uniquely shaped packaging – it can be more costly to produce and functionality could be negatively affected if you get it wrong. However, a unique shape is certain to make your product stand out on the shelf and be more memorable. 

Customize your website categories

When it comes to communicating your brand identity through your website, there are many features you can use including logos, color schemes, fonts, and a distinct tone of voice. One small feature that can often be overlooked is how you label website categories. More companies are playing around with category pages to make them more unique. This includes using unique category labels and unique menu layouts. Just make sure that customers can still easily find the products they need using your category system – if product labels are too wild it could prevent customers from clicking on them.  

Have fun with public bathroom signs

Personalized toilet signs could be a small but fun way to also communicate your brand if you have a store or outlet used by the public. Such signs could include unique labels for ‘male’ and ‘female’ such as ‘sir’ and ‘madam’ or simply using gender symbols ‘♂‘and ‘’. Some companies have even embraced gender-neutral or unisex bathrooms with fun labels. Just make sure that your categories aren’t too wacky so that most customers know exactly which bathroom to use. 

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